'Summer of Rage'

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  • i'll come by after work and see what's up - perhaps try to find a carpark somewhere and focus on the carpark climb or somewhere big enough to play polo?

  • the forecast is only showers, should be fine, couple of us are coming to brum.

  • shit. just realised i've double-booked (thought this was next weekend...ergh). i may have time to come and say hello after work, so i'll give you a call hyperallah...

  • Fin says bring a pen for the alleycat

    this has been a public pastry announcement

  • Forecast looks good according to Metcheck...

  • sheeet, im working till six, should make it down for the grand prix tho. see ya there kids.


    Hah no, I didn't realise you had a second job.

  • Anyone know where the alleycat is starting from? I'm not going to be able to get to brum till about half five so won't be able to meet outside the shop.

  • sharratt has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.

    well sharratt, if you had chosen to be able to recieve private messages i would send you hyper allah's phone number so you could find out where he is. but im not gonna post it here where any member of the public can see it. sorry dude.

  • Hope it was good.

    Dunwich was amazing, 120 miles brakeless was a bloody difficult but I made it. Brooklyns ain't just good for tricks.

  • Anyone who didn't turn up for this is a tosser. Wait, hang on... oh.

  • Cheers for everyone who came, sorry it was a bit of a muted start due to rain but it ended well.
    1st - Nick (he had some legs on him I tell ye)

    1. Igor
    2. Simon
      4= Shamim
      4= Nathan
      DFL - Steve (puncture)
      DQ - Adrian (missed 1 checkpoint)

    Track Stand Comp - Simon
    Footdown - Igor

    Grand Prix
    1st - Nick

    1. - Simon
    2. - Nathan
    3. - Dan
    4. - Tom
    5. - Kevin
    6. - Igor

    Car Park Climb (just the top three)
    1st - Nick

    1. - Tom
    2. - Igor

    Task 1 maze

    Task 2 Cuecumber sandwich [thinly sliced, no crust, in triangles].

    Final two in track stand comp.

    Igor swipes in footdown

    Igor's photos (more pretty) -

  • Thanks pastry lover. I really need to learn how to use this forum properly don't I!!!

    We found them in the end. In the pub surprisingly enough!

  • Oh, and thanks to Fin for a dope event...

  • glad you found them :D looks like it was really fun!

  • glad it brightened up, sorry i didn't stick about, will do better next time!

  • im gonna fuckin win this, mark my words


    Hey fin, you realise that me, simon & nathan were a team. I decided on a more eccentric route for the last bit, so I guess we all lose together because I never got back before Igor.

  • shit, someone actually marked my words

  • yeah thanks Fin for a good day and Deadly fanny pack for allowing us to follow him in the alley cat even when he got stressed.

  • Looks good, wish I'd been there

  • Thanks for putting it on Fin. Had a right laugh!


    Hah no, I didn't realise you had a second job.

    yeah turns out i do painting workshops for kids in cotteridge on saturdays. pays pretty handsomely.

    hope you guys had a good time anyway, i ended up late in town and did a spot of painting at the rainbow instead. saw you guys barrelling down the highstreet as we were painting the roof! check out the results when youre in town next.

  • cool man, ive seen some of your artwork, it's BADASS

  • Hi folks, have entually put the VDO's of

    a : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rLLqWFBI­1s

    Final 2 of the footdown, and
    b : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr2GuS_Dd­jc

    The race for 2nd for the Alleycat

    Soz it's took so long folks!

    Fair play to Fin for sorting everything out, planning another ? ? ?

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'Summer of Rage'

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