Where to pick up a rear wheel in Dublin

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  • I'm on the lookout for a readymade rear wheel. With a fixed/freewheel hub. I want it ASAP. Where to go to pick one up?

  • Wolfe cycles near harolds cross, about 50 quid, im running it at the mo, a bit of a spoke tightening and your off.

  • Why'd ye need the spoke tightening? I'd rather not get into that nonsense immediately...

  • Oh, and what about in Cark? I'm here until Tuesday evening.

  • No idea, havent ridden there before.

    Well maybe it was just me but the spokes were a little loose when I got the wheel first, just a quarter turn all the way around would do it.

  • Cool, I'll check out Wolfe's. What make is the wheel? They definitely have fixed/freewheel wheels?

  • I have one, its a Ralleigh built wheel and it does have the reverse threading.

  • If all else fails Joe Daly's in Dundrum have an ambrosio track wheel for 80 bills I think.

  • I bought the Ambrosio wheel, but the axle is too short for my rear dropout (it's 126mm). David Daly tried replacing it, but it's some weird type of axle with built-in cones, or something, and they only come in that length. So I'm back to square one.

    Any ideas?

  • Squeeze your stays together enough to get the nuts on, tighten and enjoy ;)

    It'll be fine...

  • Squeeze your stays together enough to get the nuts on, tighten and enjoy ;)

    It'll be fine...

    I wouldn't do that if it's an aluminium frame. If it's steal you're safe enough but aluminium reacts badly to that kind of stress and fatigues.

  • Of course ;)

  • Its a nightmare to do really, I had it done on my polo bike and was just a pain really.

  • What was a pain?

    Jayz, it's been three months and still no fixie. This back wheel is a killer. Daly's is trying to source an alternative axle for the Ambrosio (System EX/Formula hub) wheel, or trying to sort something else. It's just not long enough for the Look. I went to Wolfe's to buy a Mach1 rear wheel, and they promise they can change the axle, but it's still too short for it, and the hub feels tight and not smooth when I spin the wheel around. The Ambrosio is like melted butter, this is more like peanut butter. So I've currently got 2 wheels and not much to do with them until Daly's gets back to me. I need to keep this build cheap.

    I'm DYING to get a fixie on the road. Right now, my only hope is a relatively unremarkable, heavyish Dawes road/tourer frame (a Dawes Windsor) that I've managed to strip and it's a 120mm dropout which I need to coldset 2mm on the chainset side to align the frame. I'll also need cheap cranks for it.

    Anyone know about Sachs cranks?

  • get in touch with dennis, he has everything you need... EVERYTHING! he'll have you on the road in a day for relatively cheap. look on gumtree, he has loads of stuff for sale there now. or else just pm me and i'll send you his number.

  • I've contacted him. Hopehully see the stuff soon.

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Where to pick up a rear wheel in Dublin

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