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  • did anyone go out this weekend?

  • Not really, this weekend was a bit of a washout, me and Phil had a half assed session for about an hour at mile end skatepark, but other than that nothing really, both of us were tired, injured, and couldn't be assed!

    Still I did managed to land one air to fakie over a small hip which I was well happy with, and i've almost nailed no footed fakies to slider out, but the surface there is slippery as fuck!

  • Yeah it was a bit of fun, but it'd be better with more fixed riders and less skaters!

  • im up for a session saturday if anyone else is?

  • Yeah I think there will probably be a group of us out on Saturday.

  • Can't do saturday, will have to be sunday morning for me mate if anyone is up for that, if not, no worries.

  • im up for either, but can only do one of them!

  • I can do saturday but not sunday, sorry...

  • I think it's more likely to be the saturday.

  • ok saturday 10am meet (too early?)

    my place... Vi, are you in?

  • the photos are all very good, but i would try and get the thing they are jumping down or riding on in the photo


    like this \/ one on the first link but maybe a slightly wider angle or less zoomed in


    like this one

    im not trying to tell you how to do your shit its just coz of my many years of reading skateboarding mags
    transworld has also often got good ones

  • Finally I am not in London this week end so i cant make it :S

  • Anyone up for heading over to St Pauls, I wouldn't mind getting some shots hitting the bigger stair sets there, I think there's a decent size 5/6 set from what I remember, hopefully my new straps will be ready by then, got the pedals, but not sure if I fancy riding strapless on them haha!

  • are you about sat now then, or are you talking about sunday?

  • nah has to be Sunday mate, i'm working saturday, i've actually got some work stuff to do on sunday as well, but i'm keeping the morning/early afternoon free for riding.

  • The 6 at st pauls is big for a 6.

  • The 6 as st pauls is big for a 6.

    Yeah thats the ones, so am I on my own for a sunday sesh?

  • So how many people are up for saturday and how many sunday? I think we should stick to which ever one we can get the most out on. I can only really do one day (I'm usually so knackered after one!)

  • im good for either, i ill go ith the masses!

  • sorry guys and girls, I can't do this weekend - got some big plans just come up.

    have fun, nail that 6 and I'll catch you soon

  • @crane: I agree !

  • Sunday is completely out for me now due to work, I will however be popping out for a brief evening sesh from about 4:15pm on saturday though if anyone is still about, I wanna hit that stair set at st pauls and some other cool stuff near there, plus I have found a really fun little spot that I wanna share with you guys that no one knows about ;)

  • im up for a late sat sesh! to be fair we didnt get out till about 3 the other sat and still made a good day of it!

  • i mgith come and join you guys on my lunch break

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