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  • Awesome pics dude, cheers again! That was a well fun session :)

  • Some of those photos are ill. Pissed i missed out.

  • Shit dude real sorry I didn't text/call you on this one, i'll make sure I give you a shout for the next one definitely.

  • I sent out a mass text off of my phone and thought I got everyone, my bad.

  • Its cool i was far to hung over to move from my bed anyway, but yeah i will definitely be down for next time.

  • was there not any pics of Phils nose wheely up the block?

  • No unforuntately, that was without a doubt the trick of the day, amazing, I think we need to get that on camera for sure!

  • Cool riding, fantastic shots! Did you have to use a fill-in flash to get some of the ones that were into the sun?

  • i think rick filmed it on someones phone!

  • Cheers Charlotte, Nah there were no ring flashes used, although Fred did have one with him, it was just hard light/bare flash SB-28's or Sunpaks depending on who was shooting that were used as fill against the sun.

  • Yeah I think it got video'd on Phils phone, but he couldn't quite nail one as good as the first one he pulled once we tried to film it! The first one was just plain ridiculous!

  • most of this was shot with on-camera fill in.

    some more, different stuff here (click through the image for the set)

  • Who is this?

  • Chris, i see what you mean, that does look a lot like me.

  • Yeah, the nose wheelie was filmed on my phone. I'll load it up as soon as I can be arsed. As per usual the best one was the first one when no one was expecting it! We'll go back sometime and see if we can get some more shots there. So when's the next day then? Fancy Sunday so you can see me with no hair?!

  • im well up for doing it again, but im pretty busy this weekend.
    maybe next weekend?

  • sure - why not? Saturday?

    (image courtesy of Coppi That)

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    • DSC01442.JPG
  • weathers gonna be pretty shit this weekend too!

  • yeah that one looks quality!
    i didnt think he went that high, i was wrong!

  • I went that high once.......right before I went over the handlebars haha!

    Wish I had got that on camera!

  • hey! i am up for another session whenever the weather is good, it was very nice!

  • I also had no idea I went that high! No wonder my wheels were moaning on the way home! I'd be up for another session if the weather brightens up, which it looks like it could possibly be starting to do.

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