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  • my Mum says drugs are bad.

  • A tree told me that once, but i still dont see the downside.

  • A tree told me that once, but i still dont see the downside.

    That's cos the downside of trees is underground :p

  • I thought the downside of trees were that they release CO2 when they die.

  • Pollen

    I used to love that pollenated hash that fluffed up to about 10x the size when heated - funny conceptual bullshit fuel.

    I don't mind getting high once in a blue moon, but one evening is enough. Might as well be burning cash if doing it as a lifestyle. The high is shit/non-existant after the first night.

    Anyway, I liked it best in combination with LSD, ecstasy, a bit of crack, red wine, tequilla, and a quick smoke of heroin. That was the combination I was on when I met my wife. Drug cocktails FTW :D

    Islay single malt and decent stouts/porters/milds now though. And mind-bending cycling exploits, of course.

  • Jesus, Velocio is being paranoid - lay off the shit, guy.

  • Shit the bed BringMeMyFix, no half measures there!
    But have to agree once in a while there is space for it, I was listening to Rob at the track and he pointed out rest was as important as exercise.. damn straight! i have been at it for months and still need practice.

    Put the crack pipe down, these paranoid bouts are sure signs its pwning you.

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Sticky Icky

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