Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • I'm sure it does, but for my purposes, I don't really need anything that would make a £48 tent pole seem reasonably priced.

  • Yep. Mine definitely sags in the rain, only tends to be an issue if you've loads of people underneath

  • Does he not still make non-carbon versions? Mine aren't carbon.

  • About the sagging, what about Silpoly? I've heard it's similar weight but much less prone to sagging? (One of the negatives of silpoly seems to be that because it stays taught, it's easier to rip if you kick a peg by accident)

  • Dunno, but I've found a telescopic trekking pole that can be folded up into small bits on Amazon for 17 quid, so if I were going down the tarp/trekking pole tent route, I'd probably do that. I mean, I would quite fancy a Lanshan Pro, but I can't quite stretch to that yet and I'm not even sure I'll actually like cycling/camping as a combo.

  • Yeah. That's what I said above. Sagging wouldn't be an issue if SilPoly. It doesn't sag due to water, period. It's slightly less durable but in real world terms, probably doesn't make much of a difference. Basically all niche tent manufacturer's are moving over to it. TarpTent, one of the longest SilNylon holdouts has now abandoned SilNylon in favor of SilPoly (and DCF).

    I am hoping Mountain Laurel Designs do as well, because I'd really like a SilPoly SoloMid/DuoMid. But until they do, I am very tempted to buy a TarpTent Preamble. Liteway make a Mid shaped tarp outta SilPoly which would fit the bill, the PyraOmm Solo, but it has a smaller interior than the SoloMid...

  • Not so much tents, but I’ve misplaced my pegs somehow. Is there any stand out must haves to get as replacements?

  • MSR Mini Groundhog are the greatest

  • Yah this. I have both mini and full size and I never really feel the need for the insertion length of the full size. Not a euph.

    In other news, I got my Yama Bug Bivy up and running. Its incredibly well made and with a silpoly floor, doesn't retain any ground moisture - which can't be said for the silnylon gossamer gear tarp that got rained on all night long. It literally went from weighing about 250g to probably 1kg+ due to saturation. Fortunately its rare that I'll get caught in an all night downpour, but still, it does make me question keeping it....

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  • never really feel the need for the insertion length of the full size.


  • What would be a better tarp material option in that situation?

    (I feel dirty even thinking about tarps, tents ftw, but i'm material curious)

  • Sorry, that was a continuation of a discussion with @platypus on the last page.

    SilPoly. It doesn't absorb moisture like SilNylon.

  • Isn't this the case for buying dyneema?

  • Not when SilPoly exists. There's little to no use case for dyneema in tents IMO. Its slightly lighter than SilPoly and SilNylon, but its huge and can't be stuffed into a pack like SilPoly and SilNylon can. I'm all about pack size.

    Tarptent Moment DW Li (Dyneema) = 745g and $639.
    Tarptent Moment DW (SilNylon) = 973g and $349.

    I'm all for spending stupid amounts of money to reduce pack weight, but its just not worth it for that small of a weight saving IMO - especially when you can't just stuff a Dyneema tent into a pack.

  • in my experience Dyneema/DCF/Cuben Fibre (all the same thing) packs just as small as 20D SilNylon.
    You can stuff it, but it's hardly an effort to fold something up in the morning.
    The benefit is its durability, especially in stretch-shear situation.

  • I meant more from functionality that it won't absorb water.

    I mean, I can see the money argument loud and clear. But it does have performance benefits.

    Also I've stuffed my dynema tent every time I packed it. I don't see why you're saying it can't be stuffed.

  • The same size tarp from Yama in Dyneema/SilPoly is:

    Dyneema: 20cm x 15cm x 5cm / 156g / $295
    SilPoly: 13cm x 18cm x 5cm / 255g / $110

    I just don't see why anyone would buy the Dyneema version, personally. And I know it sounds silly, but IMO rolling/folding something up in the morning IS a pain, when I can just stuff the entire thing without any concern in my outside pocket.

  • This is an interesting read from Gen, the guy who runs Yama:­ents/ig2uuc/comment/g2wyh1t/

  • Anyway. I doubt I'd buy a dyneema tent again, I just don't have the cash. Even if there are benefits.

  • Yeah. Sure. If I was trinted and could have multiple tents, I'd probably own one, but for a primary shelter that I don't want to worry about, no way.

  • I thought Dyneema wasn't supposed to be folded, at least not along the same seams all the time. I have a Cuben bivvy that gets mostly folded and a little bit stuffed most of the time. noideadog.gif

  • If I was hiking for weeks, maybe I'd shell out for the lightweight thing, but on a bike when weight is less of an issue, I can't see myself spending $$$£££ on Cuben tent. I do love my superlight Cuben bivvy but that's really summer race use only.

  • Any alternatives to Lanshan pro 2. I can't find any reliable sources for one for ages.

  • I use this.

    I think it's the same.

    Drawbacks: Requires lines and practice setting up

    Positives: cheap and well made from SilPU, 2 lbs, sleeps two people had dual entry, has gear storage on both sides and only uses two tiny MSR poles.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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