Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • Yeah very likely. Was hoping to reuse something but it's likely not worth it

  • Anyone waterproof sprayed their tent fly in the past? A quick Google bought this Nikwax stuff up, but from the reviews it is apparently sticky and smelly? It's silnylon if that matters.

  • IIRC I've tried that stuff and it did fuck all. Fabsil gold on the other hand worked a treat. YMMV.

  • Thanks I'll have a look at that.

  • I'm probably going to be selling my Laser Competition 2 Tent if anyone is interested? It's in very good condition and is an absoluely fantastic bike packing tent. It's super light and compact and can be easily carried on the bike. Although rated as a 2 man it's really a 1 person tent. PM if interested before I stick it up for sale somewhere.

  • My quilt isn’t warm enough for sub freezing temps, so I compared buying a Western Mountaineering or Feathered Friends bag alongside this Cumulus. Having seen all three in person, I can safely say that this easily easily competes at half the price. 75ish grams heavier than the equivalently filled WM bag but it was less than half the price. Insanely good value. Loft is incredible. Quality very high. Same shell fabric. Ridiculously warm. Beyond stoked.

    Highly recommend these over alpkit/anyone else.

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  • Spamming. Selling a Katabatic Piñon bivy here.­16/newest/

  • What's the best place to get cumulus these days prost Brexit?

  • I am in the U.S., but I ordered directly from Cumulus as there are no taxes on imports up to $800 here. So it was just $325 + $19 for DHL shipping. Got to California in 72 hours from order placement. Will be using it for the first time in Yosemite in 3 weeks and am very excited.

  • Not a tent but I’m selling an ultralight hammock here if anyone wants one­65/#comment16827386

  • Don't do it.

    Edit - just clocked old post. Still

  • What's the word these days on a two person light-ish tent of decent quality? MSR still the go to?

  • Lanshan pro. Pyramid tents are great. Imo

    What conditions you want tent for? Bugs? Rain? Storms? Summer?

  • Lanshan pro

    That's...reasonably priced. Why is it so reasonably priced?
    Will mostly be used in dry climates. Maybe light rain but no heavy weather at all. Ease of use, packability and weight is more paramount.

  • Why is it so reasonably priced?

    Because you're cutting out the import via wholesaler retail chain.

  • And SMD did all the R&D.

  • And SMD did all the R&D.

    That's why I bought a Gatewood Cape. Still tempted by a Lanshan too though.

  • Cheers, I'm going to go with Kurai's advice on the Fabsil Gold at some point during the summer.

  • out of interest, what are you hoping to gain? Has the silnylon stopped repelling water?

  • Chak

    What's the word these days on a two person light-ish tent of decent quality? MSR still the go to?

    Can recommend the Robens Lodge2 - great tent.
    Not superlight but easily light enough for cycle touring.
    I use mine as a solo tent as of course some folk advise going up one, but 2 could use it - it has two porches/separate entrances.
    Inner first erection though I have never found that a problem.
    have used on campsites and furtive free camps.

    On MSR, I know many like them but I have the idea that they can be somewhat delicate. Also use some odd bits. I like simplicity for simple running repairs on tour.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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