Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • Supply n demand innit? Im guessing folks who can afford one would also happily pay well over the odds to get past the waiting list, in which case rrp for only 2 nights use perhaps isn't that bad afterall.

  • Some Range Rover owner will buy it.

  • Gatewood Cape + 3f UL Inner

  • I've got a Naturehike cloud up 1man tent to sell. Brand new unused. Recent purchase, can't return it.
    Will sell for 10% off

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  • Editted post^

  • I have an MSR Hubba Hubba 2NX for when my partner and I go on trips together. It's a great tent. I love it. I do wish the poles were a bit shorter though.
    When I bought the MSR I originally wanted the Big Agnes Copper Spur with the shorter poles for bike packing but that wasn't available and we needed a tent.

    The MSR is a quite popular tent so I was wondering if there are any companies selling shorter poles for it? I couldn't find anything but thought I might ask here.

  • There's a guy on ebay who will do you custom poles of any length + any amount of breaks. Check this thread to find him maybe.

  • ^ bearbones bike packing might be able to do this


  • Put this into action last night, in horizontal rain. It was easy to keep dry whilst & once the cape was up, the cape kept the rain out - first test of last year seam sealing - and this inner is roomy enough for 6ft2 me to have plenty space. I peg out the head end as pictured. The inner is designed to hook up higher but the cape doesn't allow this, it didn't ruin it though. 10/10 bug free night will use inner again.

    I'm a bit concerned the cape porch zip is often under too much tension and looks like it will eventually fail. That's likely on me as user as the tension can be varied and I've not been careful enough I guess. I'll add a picture of this later. (Edit now added)

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  • Cheers! I found this post from @platypus 2 years ago but it seems like that link is dead.

    @rhb thank you I am going to have a look at it.

  • I've got an Alpkit tarp and a bivi for sale here if anyone's after one.

  • I used a Vango Nevis 100 one person tent for Brother in the Wild recently. I was car camping, so didn't ride there with it, but found it excellent. For a 1.3kg tent it's plenty roomy enough for me and basic kit and at under £100, excellent value for money. It would easily pack down small enough for bike packing and pitches really quickly.


    Believe this was the person recommended by platypus. I traded a few emails with the eBay seller.

  • Dunno about poles but this guy supplied my Tyvek groundsheet material.

  • They were a bit of a one stop shop! Seemed to have been selling up to around a month ago, but all the items have vanished since. Probably still worth a message if anyone needs stuff.


    I tried this for the first time this weekend, quite happy with it although it is definitely a bit cramped. Small price to pay for how compact it is though - less than 1kg and I managed to stuff it in a 2L dry bag I had (without the stakes), making the packed size even smaller than the original 12*32cm.

    Once you're in the tent it's quite pleasant but getting in and out is a bit awkward. I'm 184cm tall and my feet touch the net when I lay down all stretched, so any more and it'd be uncomfortable.

  • Not that anyone cares but we used our Vargo Xenon 2+ tent in Belgium for the first time the other week and it was great - much more comfortable to 'live' in than the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 we used in Scotland. But it is 2x the weight so that's kind of to be expected.

    Hopefully we'll actually get a bikepacking trip with it to see how that goes.

  • man, I don't know how people do coffin tents.
    just get a 20D tarp and a tyvek groundsheet, cheaper, lighter, nearly as weatherproof, not miserable

  • I actually considered that at first but ended up going this route for the added privacy when camping at actual camping sites.

  • fair enough, I've never been to a campsite, maybe done 200 nights wild camping tho

  • Bought the duomid, off ebay cheap, to go camping with my dog. Finally using it. It's a nice tent, if a bit heavy. Works well for this. I would like an inner. I'd probebrly get a solo XL now. I got this cheap, I guess you'd just by a lanshan if buying new. I'd need to get one of those to see if they're any good.

    I do need to get another tent that can deal with near 4 seasons. As my altaplex has reached the end of its life. It needs a new bathtub. Something bombproof. I was thinking hilliberg enan if I can't find one 2nd hand. Or maybe another pyramid with a nylon bathtub. I think dynemma is nice but too fragile for heavy use.

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  • Used the winter months for scouring eBay for a used Tarptent and found a cheap Tarptent Rainshadow 2. With 1.45 Kg it's crazy light considering it sleeps up to 3 persons. As it has no inner tent, it needs to be well ventilated. Meaning, if it's cold outside, it's cold inside. Now, my mistake was to test my new precious in early spring when it only had 10° C.
    My girlfriend nearly froze to death that night, even with 4 pairs of socks and her clothes on.
    Guess I have to look for another warmer tent for spring and autumn now...

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  • Err, just get warmer sleeping bags?

  • Yeah, I've been out in -4°C with just bag and tarp, and I'm pretty nesh.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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