Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • F10 Xenon UL 2+ Backpacking Tent


    Still just about makes it into the

    Q: How small does my tent have to be?
    A: The ALC constitution defines a lightweight tent as being no more than 2 metres in height and with a maximum weight in the region of 2.5kg (5.5lb) plus 1.5kg (3.3lb) per person in respect of the number of persons for which is has been designed. Have a look at the pictures on the previous meets and in the gallery to see the size difference in the tents our members use.

  • The trekker tent phreeranger has coped with a week of dreadful weather on Arran. Here’s a bad picture. Very happy with this tent, worth it if you want a lightweight 3 season 1p tent with two doors and can be bothered to wait. Not cheap but not expensive for quality gear. Very well made

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  • I returned my Big Agnes Echo Park because I don't really want multiple sleeping bags, it was huge and there was no way it could be taken backpacking. I got a BA Sidewinder instead. Thoroughly recommended for side sleepers. Honestly amazing. I have always struggled with bags being a side sleeper. With the Echo Park, sleeping on my side, the bag was right up in my face and even though it was very spacious, it wasn't great from a having something in my face perspective. The Sidewinder however... marvelous. Here's a size comparison, lol. The Echo Park did not compress at all when using a compression bag. Oh and it's like a quarter of the weight...

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  • oooh I may have to buy

  • It's really good. I got the 20f version, which is the warmer of the two versions available and it was very very toasty. I also tried the Nemo Disco as it's also good for a side sleeper, but ultimately I preferred the foot shape of the Sidewinder.

  • I’m a side sleeper and have never tried a specific bag - nearly grabbed one when I bought my flycreek but couldn’t really justify it to myself

  • as a sidesleeper who flips sides all the way through the night going from a sleeping bag to a hammock topquilt/underquilt setup was a revelation. being able to stick a leg out if it gets too hot is so underrated.

  • Oh now that is a spanner in the works. I’m restless as fuck at home, let alone camping under the radar (possibly I’m just crap at the latter. Or both)

  • Is this not super limiting though? Like, what if you’re above a tree line? What do you do!?

    I’m fortunate enough to sleep exclusively on my left hand side so it has been a non-issue for me.

  • Single entry tents with one decent size porch, big enough to cook in happily - do many exist?

    The Terra Nova Voyager is bang on what I'm after, but the £500+ price tag is a bit rich. Weight around 2kg would be nice, although I did almost pull the trigger on a (cheap, used) 4.1kg Quasar this morning so clearly it's not a huge deal. Freestanding inner for summer would be a bonus.

  • this
    or this if you need more space

    naturehike tents are sick

  • The Terra Nova Voyager is bang on what I'm after, but the £500+ price tag is a bit rich

    Lightwave make the G20 which is similar to the Voyager, but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. If you are looking for an inner-first pitching 4-season tent then their T20 tunnel wedge tent looks good (inner-only, outer-only or integral pitching are possible), and it has ventilation at both ends unlike the Voyager. TISO seem to have them in stock for £399.

  • Oh nice, that second one I've never seen before! Any views on the Cloud Peak 2? Obviously a Hilleberg 'tribute' but looks interesting

  • Oh thanks for the heads up, never heard of Lightwave - will take a dig

  • I've had a voyager 2.2 (an old variation with 2 porches, but essentially the same) for over 10 years now and its still going amazingly well after lots of use, and it's easily withstood some serious storms in the past. If its what you're after, and you can find one used, or a bit less than the 500 rrp somewhere, I would still say its worth it for the quality, I've never regretted buying mine.

    The posts above do look better for lightweight options though, and cheaper

  • Cloud Peak 2 also awesome.

  • Cheers both for the input - will keep in mind. I've actually got something weird and old (early 90s) arriving this week after an eBay impulse purchase, so will see how that is/share here soon

  • If it was was the Phoenix you might need to reproof, but they were a bomber tent brand. Probably won't be very light though.

  • Haha good spot - it's the Phoenix Phreak, yeah. Seemed a bargain at £65 based on the online reputation so very happy to reproof/reseal as needed (pending a test pitch and hose down on arrival). Stated weight in the catalogue is 3kg so definitely not light, but will at least switch out the pegs and guys to bring that down the tiniest bit - any guidance in that regard would be very welcome.

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  • I bought a cloud 1 following suggestion here, bought it on amazon @black Friday for 78£. Haven't tried yet but seems very good for my taste.

  • Just spent a few weeks bicycle touring around Gran Canaria with a Cloud Up 2, can't fault it for the price.

    However, does anyone have any recommendations for a comfy roll mat and, especially, pillow? Forclaz not doing it for me.

  • There are some climbs there I wouldn’t want to do fully laden

  • If you can stomach the price a Thermarest Neoair Xlite is amazing, I’ve previously had a 3/4 length self inflating Decathlon pad and an Alpkit Cloudbase and the Thermarest is incredible (as you’d expect for the price)

    I recently got an Exped air pillow and am impressed so far, I spent years using a pile of clothes and this is a big upgrade. It’s got a bit of stretch to the material and has a softish coating so doesn’t feel too plastic-y. If you weren’t so focused on weight/packabilty there are inflatable pillows with additional down padding which are probably a bit more comfortable.

  • Nice one, I'll check these out!

    Currently trying to source a Nemo Fillo, looks like a air/foam hybrid. Definitely looking for comfort over small pack size, I think.

  • Yep, proper slog for sure. 26kg-ish, all in. Views were worth it though, and coming down was full stupid-grin territory.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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