Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • my big agnes pad is amazing.

    my gf is a notoriously fussy sleeper (like princess and the pea levels) and she's managed 3 nights on it camping and opted to sleep on it when staying over with family.

  • Trail weight of 2.2kg (no bag and pegs separate).
    Blacks reckon

    Weight 2.4kg (trail weight 1.73kg)

    the tent's 'trail weight' refers to the weight of only the outer flysheet, inner tent and poles. This could be useful in expedition circumstances, which may allow you to carry the tent without the pegs and bag.

    That's -the additional ground sheet.

  • It'd want to be for £220 :P

    (I see now that's not unreasonable price for insu pads - I baulked at paying >100 for Neoair)

    We used a full length Alpkit and a brand new full length Neoair on An Turas the other week and were pretty happy with them (once the puncture in the Alpkit was patched, anyway). I've never used an insulated pad but if we end up with quilts and doing winter camping then they may happen later on.

  • I guess I could just buy it, try fitting it on the bike and if it sucks, send it back essentially unused. How are Vango in general? I guess you rate them after your shenanigans?

  • In general, Vango are pretty good IMO. There are spare poles available.

    They were a gateway drug for my partner, who still fancied camping after that as her first taste.

    *It wasn't without its niggles, but the one we have has done all sorts of weather; from biblical rain to being left up for 2 weeks in 40c. It's not exactly been babied.

  • That sounds promising. At a 3rd the price of the Helle it's not going to make me cry if it does get destroyed and it does sound like it'll put up with quite a lot. It's not like we're going to head up mountains all winter, but I'd definitely be more comfortable in Scotland with something that had thicker walls (the BA felt cold and damp on the floor even with Tyvek but nothing came through) and that extra vestibule to change/cook when raining.

    An Turas was the most camping the missus has done and she certainly seemed to enjoy it. I think she'd only done overnighters in tents before and I've only done bivvying in racing and car-camping in Oz.

    We definitely need warmer bags/quilts though. I'll need to give Owl back his cooking kit and get my own too. So there's probably years of buying camp kit to look forward to...

  • I used to have one. Used it for a 4 day trip to Scotland and it didnt handle wind, rain or condensation very well so ended up selling it. I bought it after using a Lansham 2 for a couple of years so I dont think it was solely down to my poor pitching.


    Has some better pictures of it set up.
    IIRC the pegs are a bit shit, but that's to be expected.

  • If you don't mind waiting, Trekkertent Drift2 might be suitable. (wait times are a suggestion).
    Photo from walking around Belgium two years ago.

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  • Pegs can easily be swapped out. I could take the BigAg ones - they seemed pretty solid once you'd worked past the rocks in the soggy ground.

  • Holy shit BA is expensive in the UK! @HatBeard

    I paid $210 for the long + wide insulated Q Core deluxe (blue 4.3R one) It’s currently 0° but feels like -4° according to dark sky where I am. I’m in the car but I decided to sleep with the boot open for a bit of extra leg space and ventilation. It’s keeping me sufficiently toasty alongside the -7° Echo Park bag. Really impressed. I am a 92kg side sleeper and this is supporting my weight with no problems.

  • BA is expensive in the UK

    Everything is expensive here. Britain's "Global" problems innit

  • yeah I have a BA happy hooligan ul 2 tent with the bonus groundsheet so I'm very aware of the inflated prices over here.

    it was slightly more palatable put next to the cost of my -17c rated warbonnet hammock setup from the US I also bought back in 2018 when i got the pad, luckily managed to avoid customs charges somehow, dread to think what it'd cost from a UK retailer. worth every penny though, like sleeping in a warm fluffy cloud. definitely a buy right & buy once purchase.

  • Holy shit ciq that is cash money. Where you camping that’s -17° ? 😂

  • Hey
    Sorry to dredge from months ago, but did you ever sell your Six Moons Lunar?

  • Long gone I'm afraid.

  • I think ratings for hammocks have to be more extreme because you are completely surrounded by cold air vs a ground tent.

  • Oh ok, thanks for a swift reply nevertheless.

  • The lunar good?

  • gives me the option of sleeping nude innit. haha

  • Looks identical to my Paria.

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  • Just cause it had been discussed earlier, a quick note to say that my butane stove worked totally fine at 3000+ metres in -8 celcius. Which was a great relief. And here are some pictures that nobody asked for. New Mexico is incredible.

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  • So jealous.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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