Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • I know you said Scotland in winter, but that's a big sliding scale and if you are cycling you will spend most of your time at the bottom of that scale. I think you would be fine in a 3 season tent.

    MSR, big agnes and REI have an own brand 2 door, 2 person tent which are all quite similar

    You might want a tent where the outer will pitch first though, which those arent.

  • Also, the only reason I'm looking at this is that it was mentioned as being for sale and all the lighter ones I was pointing out were being frowned upon for winter use.

  • Well yeah, that's what I was looking at last night.­

    As usual, it escalated..

    Prefer something second hand (reduce, reuse, recycle) and cheaper if possible hence looking at ebay and this FB stuff.

  • 3x the price of my current tent though and 3x the weight. I guess no one gives a fuck about how heavy it is when it's pissing down in 60mph winds :)

    Much as I think the Nammatj 3 is brilliant winter tent, bare in mind the bulk of the thing packed away. I just measured my Nammatj 2 in its supplied stuff sack and it is 52cm long x 22cm diameter. So would the three-person version fit on your bike?

  • I assume it's 52cm because of the poles? If you separate them, which is what I do, then how big is just the tent?

    To be honest I was more worried about swinging another 2kg off my handlebars. I hate that feeling.

    The Helags 2 was what I was looking more closely at, but I don't see packed sizes for it.

  • On the 'buy it' side, unless you trash it, it'll still be worth what you pay for it, if you decide it's not for you.
    On the 'don't buy it' side. It's still a big outlay, and it'll be overkill for 90% of weather you'll have.

    Having said that, knowing that you can keep all water out of sleep area, when the inner completely set back from the door is a massive boon in the winter.

  • Yeah, there's no immediate need so I'll probably let it slide. But if I'm looking now it means by the time I pull the trigger on something I'll have more clue and get something more appropriate.

  • I assume it's 52cm because of the poles? If you separate them, which is what I do, then how big is just the tent?

    Yes, without poles and pegs, the two-person version of the Nammatj tent in its bag compresses to about 35cm in length.

  • Not sure what the pack size is off the top , but our cheapo Vango Pulsar stood up to hurricane Bertha a few years ago, when on a coastal campsite.

    It was such a good design apparently, they made an UL version!­equipment-c3/tents-shelters-c25/two-pers­on-tents-c26/2021-f10-xenon-ul-2-tent-p1­5238

  • Thanks. That would be pushing it. Would just fit on my bars but I'd lose the ability to ride the tops, which I like for climbing loose/slippery stuff.

  • :-) must say, this big Agnes pad + bag combo is really nice and incredibly comfy. Totally luxurious and while I’d never take a bag like this backpacking, for rocking up to a campsite in a car it’s pure luxe.

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  • I was looking at one of these on ebay last night - is that pad holder thing permanently attached?

    I ended up dismissing it because it was too short for me but otherwise they look a good option.

    Stella? GTFO >>>

  • love the stella 6 pack

  • Anyone got any thoughts on the The Two by Gossamer Gear? Seems to get good reviews and not particularly heavy.

  • Yeah. Doesn’t get in the way when a pad isn’t attached though.

    When I’m America, Stella reminds me of home. Not many things do.

  • Poo shovel for those moments where toilet isnt in reach...

  • Blacks have some kinda insane prices for that Vango I linked. £314.50!
    A Wild Country Hoolie 2 for just over £100.

  • 100 quid cheaper than ultralightoutdoorgear?

    In the 2kg range there was the Hilleberg Rogen for a bargain £920:­bel-tents/rogen/
    Does appear to be built like a brick shithouse.

  • Yup!

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  • Says £370 on Blacks

    Ah discount code.

  • Insulated sleeping mats too. £76.50 instead of £110 for down or £68 for synthethic.

  • We almost pulled the trigger on a couple of down quilts from Cumulus but the missus isn't in Poland long enough to collect them. The insulated pads would've probably matched up nicely but not to be.

  • Any idea what these pack down to?

    I like the big vestibule - that would allow us to change/cook out of the weather.

  • Pack size: 46 x 16cm From the ultralight site.

  • Ah, cheers, glossed right over that tab.

    My current tent poles are 49cm long so it seems reasonable this tent would fit with the poles split out from the tent body like I did with the BA.


    It's huge compared to Fly Creek. But it is more than double the weight. Not sure I want another kilo swinging around under my bars but I don't have a lot of choice unless I don't camp outside warmer months.

    It's also twice the HH on fly and floor compared to the Fly Creek we used.

    2.4kg according to Vango site. I see they do a "non +" version without the extra vestibule bit, that's closer to 2kg.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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