Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • Oh and maybe you know, but don't let it overhang (not the right word) the tent outer. When/if it rains it will collect and pool water!

  • Tyvek is a little papery at first but it soon softens up with use. It's not waterproof but then again that's not it's purpose.

  • Did you run it through the washing machine? Softens it up a fair bit.

  • I've bought from that seller in the past. Skipped the loops.

    Was someone on here with a roll of tyvek recently. Might be worth a search.

  • Yeah, plan is to trim it down to just under the size of the base (and vestibule)

  • In that link I posted earlier there's instructions to wash it and dry it three times and it softens up.

  • No, didn't know you could do that! It came with the tent I bought from eBay and I already had a Zephyros footprint that works nicely.

  • polycro?

    Polycro comes in different thicknesses. Apparently, it is better to get the 1.5 mm rather than the more common 0.75 mm grade.

    There are some useful construction techniques, here:­c/how-to-make-a-polycryo-a-frame-tarp

    I have read reports of Tyvek leaking at pressure points, e.g., when kneeling. On the other hand Polycro seems to be less durable.

  • I've ordered the tyvek. It's just to protect the tent base really. Not worried about much else.

  • It's just to protect the tent base really

    It should be fine, as you have the tent groundsheet above it.

  • I think I had one of polycro too. So thin, like cling film.

  • Meh use it three times

  • I think I had one of polycro too. So thin, like cling film.

    Maybe it was the 0.75mm thickness variety? The 1.5mm grade would be a fair bit thicker than ordinary cling film.

  • I'm not bothered because I haven't used it yet. If you can't sleep because of crinkling noises, you haven't ridden far enough. ;)

  • Late to the party as always, I prefer tyvek over polycro fwiw.

  • Polycro is pretty slippery IME.

  • Plan to buy my ever first solo tent for some bikepacking adventures during autumn and winter here in the UK. I had only experience of bivvy+sleeping bag+matress in dry/hot weather till now (Italy).
    Shall I go for an alpkit soloist? any experience here?
    The budget available is roughly 100£.

  • Would have said Zephyros 1, but the price has really jumped on Terra Nova stuff. @platypus usually has good recommendations for this. Most Alpkit stuff I get tends to break at the worst time, apart from their sleeping bag.

  • Thanks mate. I would buy something strong enough for doing KAW soon before winter hits hard.

  • Do you have a rack? I have a 1P Macpac Microlight from the 90s (so, it was light for its time but it's pretty big/heavy compared to new stuff) that I've stored since touring EU in 2005. It should probably go to someone who will actually use it. Depends how much of a tart you are for superlight stuff though I guess.

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  • Those are photos from 2005. We unpacked it the other day to see if we could both fit in it. We did, but only just, so bought a used BigAgnes 2P tent. The grrl @PhilDAS washed it and packed it up again.

  • I think platypus normally recommends the 3F UL or naturehke stuff for cheap tents over alpkit.

    You'll have to do some googling but they're normally available on aliexpress/amazon/ebay

  • The budget available is roughly 100£.

    I'd say that you would be hard pushed to get a reliable 4-season solo tent for that price new. Perhaps, keep an eye out for a lightly used deal on the big auction site. A lot of lightweight solo gear seams to be 3-season though it would probably be okay for sheltered conditions without snow. Another option is an MLD trailstar tarp, if you can find one used, which is well regarded for UK mountain use, maybe with your bivy bag for cold conditions.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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