Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • Not tried an underquilt yet, on warmer nights just use a normal 3 season lightweight down bag and been happy apart from a cold patch on my back, didn't bother using a mat underneath. In colder weather (-2 to +3c) used a winter bag and an inflatable. Did ONCE try and get the bag (its massive) to go through the hammock, and use it like a part over part under affair, but was too late at night to really get it to work. Seen others do it but maybe my bag just isn't quite the right shape for it. Can imagine it really does the trick if you can get it to setup right.
    Have found all the kit for me at least weighs about the same as a good light tent (1.6-1.7kg) and gives me less options (need tree's, which half the time is a problem), its just poles that are always a PITA, especially my new bike which is super curvy, only place is to stuff them in my hydropack.
    But do sleep really well in a hammock, and packing up is a genuine 5 minute job, tent maybe adds 10, as its really thin material I'm always really careful to scrape off the slugs and little stones etc before ramming it in a bag where it will be jiggled around with other things all day on the bike.

  • I used to do the pea pod technique with a open ended snugpak bag... the bag still compressed under me, so wasn’t that efficient - cold back.

  • underquilts are well worth it.

    for hammocking I use a warbonnet wooki underquilt and top quilt (replaced by diamondback now) with my warbonnet blackbird.

    I've found it to be a pretty much flawless sleep system if hammocks are your thing. there's a small knack to getting the underquilt in position but because of the angled cut it envelops you when laying at an angle and also saves a little weight.

  • Anything to consider before i drop cash on a SMD Lunar?

  • So much to compare! Does anyone have a CloudUp 3 or Mongar 2 and can tell me the length of the poles when packed?

  • Trekkertent phreeranger arrived. Took about 4 months to arrive but when I ordered was told it would take ages so no bother. Looks lovely and the workmanship is superb. Will post a proper review when I’ve used it on a decent trip. So far it’s just had a couple of nights on a campsite in settled weather, coped fine.

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  • Keen to know how you get on, specially with packing it up. How's the pack size? Assume you split it between two but in one pack is it quite meaty?
    I would be going 2 man but still keen for some info from a user.

    I've got the Copper Spur HV UL2 bikepacking (2020) edition - pack size is great and once you've worked out a pattern for folding/rolling, it easily goes back into the bags. It will also fit between 38cm handlebars.

  • Trekkertent phreeranger arrived

    I would be interested to see some photographs of it pitched. I was a fan of the original Phoenix tents, including all their crazy names such as Phreak, Phortress and the Phreeranger. The latter being a pioneering design in lightweight tents. I imagine the use of modern silnylon fabric will make it considerably stronger than the original.

  • Reckon I will just go with it. Way too many options to mess about with and seems like a solid option.

  • Reckon I will just go with it. Way too many options to mess about with and seems like a solid option.

    It works, the bikepacking features are a nice touch, if you can afford just do it and save yourself hours/days of research.

  • Question about re-proofing tents…

    I have a Terra Nova Laser Comp that’s easily 12 years old, still going strong. Last time I used in heavy rain, got a tiny bit of water through the fly, thought I’d try the spray re-proof from Storm (going to do the sewn in groundsheet on the inner too). Probably need to retape that seam where it came in too.

    So I’m ready to do the re-proof, having got the worst of the dirt out. Can’t figure out whether to spray the inside or outside of the fabric, inside has a sort of tacky silicone coating that’s in pretty good nick … anyone know which / if it even matters?

  • Duh. Outside.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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