Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • Tried a hammock a few years ago and I slept so little that I had all sorts of hallucinations and canned after a week and came home

  • Sure it was "hammock" and not, I dunno, magic mushrooms or something?

  • Lol sounds fun

  • @7Üp is a hammock fan I believe, hopefully would have some advice for you.

  • I think most people don’t like sleeping in hammocks. I get on quite well with mine and a 3x3 tarp.

    Up in 10 minutes. Zero faff. No knots. Whoopee slings.
    Don’t use my tent at all any more. Rarely sleep on the floor nowadays.

    I use a DD superlight, with a cumulus underquilt, and a criterion sleeping bag.
    I ditched the groundmat technique and it really made a huge difference. Underquilts are amazing and on warm trips I use that alone.

    Trick is (for me) to attach it as high as you can reach, evenly, then let it sag quite low. It has to be even otherwise you’ll be sliding to one end all night.

    That makes it easier to lay diagonally in the hammock, so your back is reasonably flat. I can sleep on my side or even on my front this way.

    Wicked to wake up in the morning, sit up, and make coffee or breakfast from in bed. Also nice to have somewhere comfy to be if you’re rained in.

    Shortcomings are that (when it isn’t warm) you’re carrying an extra thing (down bag + underquilt) - but if I can make space, I 100% will. Well worth it for me.


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  • Cheers for input

    I rembered i did sleep in a hammock maybe half a dozen times several years back. And think i slept well. Mayve I'll get one again and try.

  • I once fell asleep in a hammock that was hanging in a girlfriend’s flat in Germany. Woke up to strangers kissing me goodnight on the forehead and had no idea where I was.

    Never again.

  • Never again had the opportunity.


  • Advices pls. Located small hole in groundsheet of ancient and faithful Macpac Eclipse. Best repair method... glue alone, sticky tape, tape each side, sticky tape plus glue, or other? Any recommended repair kit brands?

  • Tenacious tape both sides. Or Gorilla tape same?

  • Aha names. Excellent, will investigate.

  • I know @platypus is not a fan of the brand, but is there a better alternative to the Alpkit Jaran3. Uses will be bikepacking/camping with my partner, nothing to mental (Inverness to Edinburgh this July for example). Would have been doing 2/3 weeks cycling in Japan in April last year if things had panned out differently.

    We both like riding offroad so lightweight is important, but with a bit of space (hence 3 person) as we are not racing.

  • Big Agnes Tiger Wall. They do a bike packing specific one where the poles pack down real short so it’s easy to fit in bikepacking bags.

  • That’s interesting and very light. Would be nice, but probably unnecessary a bit more than we are looking to spend. I’m happy to carry extra weight but ideally keep the pack size down. Poles can go on my partner’s rack which is always on her bike.

    Should have said. Ideally green/dark for wild or at least less blatant camping.

  • Could check naturehike if budget is an issue

  • Yeah, saw the discussion about them in the thread. What would be the equivalent 3 person? There are quite a few models.

  • Mongar is the equivalent to the hubba/jaran I think., star river is a copper spur, and the cloud up is a fly creek IIRC.

  • Anyone got a rec for reproofing a tent a little bit? Nikwax wash-in?

  • What material is it made from?
    *Fabsil is probably going to be best bet. Nikwax didn't do shit when I applied it our 'set-up and leave tent'.

  • Thanks, looking at them in more detail now.

    Does anyone have an opinion/experience of whether 15D is fit for purpose? The Naturehike website claims the following which seems to be more 'waterproof' than MSR of Alpkit, but I assume it's not officially verified or that simple.
    Tent fly: 15D Nylon(3500mm waterproof index)

  • cloud up 3 is the obvious choice, altho the single entrance/exit might annoy some
    the mongar 3 is slightly cheaper, two doors, for 40% more weight
    as always buy through aliexpress with confidence and read the buyer's reviews

    15D is absolutely fine, too thin for a groundsheet obviously but great for tent/tarp walls/roofs

  • Does anyone have an opinion/experience of whether 15D is fit for purpose?

    Hilleberg, Lightwave and Mountain Laural Designs all advise against going less than 20D for longevity and strength. Here is a quote from Lightwave:
    " At Lightwave, we are reluctant to go into the ultralight fabrics now in vogue as these have a poor longevity thanks to UV-degradation. The 20 denier flysheet used in our raid tents are as light as we are prepared to go. Depending on the amount of use, you may get 5-10 years usage. (Flysheets made from 15 or even 10 denier yarns will have a short life, representing not only a poor return on the money spent, but are also more irresponsible in environmental terms as you would be replacing these far more often. They do not make good ground-fill.)"

    A similar view is expressed by MLD here on their Pro Silnylon (20D and 30D) versus 7d-15d SilPoly or SilNylons:­-mojo

  • We just got a Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL3 Bikepack, first outing will be a 4 day mini tour around Suffolk (all campsites) next week then 2 weeks in the Hebrides in August/September.

    Did a test pitch in the living room, it's huge. Serious space upgrade from our 2 person Decathlon Quickhiker Ultralight 2. Hopefully not too big for some stealthy wild camps in the future.

  • What material is it made from?

    Errr tenty stuff. It's a rather old TerraNova Laser. Will look for fabsil, thanks for that. Actually, just seen TerraNova recommend Storm.

  • Keen to know how you get on, specially with packing it up. How's the pack size? Assume you split it between two but in one pack is it quite meaty?

    I would be going 2 man but still keen for some info from a user.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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