Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • Tell us how you really feel.

    I read the first sentence, seeing "improved durability" related to the air thing and thought, wtf?

  • Had no issues with either of my alpkit inflatable mats but they only get a few uses per year 🤷♂️

  • The real improvement will be when you run these air pole tents tubeless. By removing the tube you'll decrease the weight of the tent even further and reduce pinch flats. For those on rougher ground I assume you'll be able to get an insert.

    Wish I'd known about the cheap carbon fibre ebay poles before I bought official six moons aluminium ones that basically cost the same. Not that it'll really matter for my use case (Being stored in a drawer)

  • If anyone else has any drawer tents and would like to make their house lighter, I provide a service whereby I utilise the aforementioned tents from your storage area, thereby making your house lighter, faster and more efficient, especially over rough terrain. Only ÂŁ9.99/month

  • Asking here not sleep system thread as it’s pole related:

    I bought one of those ultralight cots that use a ripstop sheet with plastic stoppers, suspended by alu poles. The poles bent on the first assembly.

    What are my options for replacement poles?

    Will carbon work? Work better? Else, cheapest alu source?

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  • If the poles are regular tent poles platypus linked am eBay seller on the previous page.

  • Which poles have bent? I'm guessing the black and orange ones?
    How badly have they bent? I suspect the design means they should end up bowing a bit.

  • Black and orange yes. Around 5 halves have bent about halfway. so, basically, the pole has bent either when flexing to install, or flexing to remove, or under load.

    The poles bent rather than flexed across the entire length of the two halves together.

    I can only assume it’s my fat 78kg ass, user error, or poor quality.

    They have two holes and can be doubled up to increase tension and reduce bending, but these HK sellers don’t actually list poles as an additional purchase option.

    @Belagerent thanks will check previous page.

  • Looking at the reviews, nearly everyone warns how easy it is to bend the poles. Not just limited to the knock-off thermarest ones either.
    Not a fan of that design, asking for holes in the inner tent.
    Thermarest do replacement parts, but I suspect you would soon surpass purchase price.

  • Anyone have any experience of the OEX Phoxx 1V2? Looks good value at ÂŁ55 and hoping long enough for me (192cm)­oxx-1v2-tent-15980945

  • I bought a Phoxx 2 v2 last year.

    Only managed a couple nights in the garden as lockdown scuppered all plans.

    I found it adequately long, a little bit low but sufficient to shuffle about. Good for me plus junk but no way a 2-man. Wouldn’t bother with a 1-man version, doubt there’s much weigh saving.

  • Great, thank you. Only anticipate using it as a 1-person tent as my old one will serve fine for 2 people.

  • Ah, it's the 1 person that is ÂŁ55, 2 person is ÂŁ75

    2kg vs 1.6kg so not unsubstantial difference. Hmmm not sure whether to go for it or not.

  • The 1-person height isn’t much better than the old Backpacker II at 70cm, which I found very cramped. At least the 90cm is enough to almost sit up.

    I wouldn’t go for a tent shorter than 90cm - below that I would just buy a tunnel/bivvy tent.

  • buy a naturehike tent on aliexpress instead, way better for a tiny bit more money

  • Anyone got a lightweight hammock recommendation?

  • For sleeping in or chilling out in? Things have probably moved on quite a bit since I bought my Hennessy A-Sym, but don't forget to factor in your tree straps, which can add quite a bit of weight (relatively speaking).

  • Sleeping on a trip. I fancied the idea of trying it, perhaps more comfy than on the floor. But I like to travel minimal, hence I've always forgone it.

    1kg! Crikey. If I can't get down to 300g I'm out.­amping-and-hiking/hammock/hennessy-exped­ition-asym-zip­mping-and-hiking/best-hammock

    Think ill keep to the floor.

  • Meant to be super comfortable.

    I'm not interested though due to the faff required.

  • Add the underquilt to those weights as well, because it can get quite cold hammock sleeping.
    *You could just use an insulated sleep mat, but I never could get it to stay in one place.

  • I'd carry my non hammock setup too, incase no trees. So MLD event bivy, thermorest neo air x lite and sleeping bag. Hence wanting a light hammock. I did have one at home before and lazing and afternoon away in it was always a delight.

  • This was the reasoning behind me buying one, but after a few nights in it I well and truly decided ground camping was 'better'.
    It's insanely comfortable, however that wasn't enough of a trade-off for the increased pitch time(not that I was practiced in it), not much fun in proper wind, the aforementioned mat problems, and the pack weight/size.

  • I never got comfortable in a hammock with a mat - the mat kept slipping away bringing in cold spots. Something to bear in mind - hammocks aren’t for every occasion.

  • Maybe ill just leave it then. Thanks @seager too

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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