Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • Mine is the grey 20d indeed. I think the only difference is the outher fabric between the 15d and 20d, everything else seems exactly the same to me.

    The only thing i would want to change on my star river 2 is adding an extra big pocket on the inside like the copper spur has.

    The tent poles fit in my framebag, which make it a lot easier to fit the tent in my other bags.

  • I'm currently undecided between the following:

    Vango Cairngorm 300

    Naturehike Cloud Up 3

    Decathlon Trek 900 Ultralight 2 Person

    Want something light that's good for bike packing but still spacious (prob the Vango or Naurehike then) but they are both such different tents in their construction...

  • Can't comment practically on any of those but the Lanshan is also another option (from ebay or Ali). It has been discussed up thread a lot as a budget bikepacking tent.

  • I think single pole tents (ish) always seem more spacious if the pole goes length ways like the cloud up rather than cross ways like the other two

  • We have a cloud up 3, very spacious, bit of a different kettle of fish to those other two. For the money (140 I think) it's a good deal at the sacrifice of a bit of weight. Think it's 2kg without the footprint. Builds up very easily, I would say the poles feel the cheapest part of it, haven't had it out in a gale to see how they fare though

  • Thanks for the advice! I am veering towards the Cloud Up tbh as it seems so roomy.

    Would consider the Lanshen but I know I’ll mess something up like getting the wrong pole or something

  • I have a cloud up 2, id say its a generous 1 man and a tight 2 man, I broke the pole crown when I shared it with another person (but we are both almost 2m tall). Apart from that its been great, I see the new version has addressed the issue of flapping side pannels by adding lines there too, which is almost enough of a reason for me to upgrade. Looks like they have upgraded the crown too

  • I picked up the naturehike star river 2 in a fetching navy 15D fabric.

    Fly, inner and poles come in at 1.6kg on my scales, under 1.8kg all in.
    So great for the bike and doable hiking.

    The cloud up 2 looks good but I prefered the twin side entry and 1.35m wide inner of the star river.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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