Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • Hey, don't suppose this is still available is it?

  • Anyone looking to get rid of a good one man tent in London?

  • Define "good".

  • I owned and used a MSR Hubba Hubba for the past 3.5 years. My wife and I slept in it close to 100nights in this timeframe and I couldn't be happier.

    However, the performance deteriorated over time:

    • Some welded seams on the rainfly started leaking.
    • A couple of rips opened up in the rainfly, both repaired. (the tent lived in my backpack for over 12months while traveling, probably didn't enjoy it)
    • The rainfly stretched over time, particularly ever so slightly after a windy and wet trip, resulting in a less snug fit/setup
    • The bottom of the inner tent is no longer waterproof, to the point that any pressure on it, while on wet ground will get the water in (eg. while sleeping overnight)

    Has anyone else noticed this? MSR rate their products for 3y, but I might reach out anyway as these started appearing a while ago.

  • light and not shit lol.

    Na I dunno, just something that is regarded as a decent tent, not something cheap.

    Just want something very basic, was looking at the six moon design lunar solo but didn't really want to fork out for it but I might end up doing just that.

  • Asked because I have a 20yo Macpac 1P tent here that I used for 4 months while cycle touring Europe and I think its been unpacked once in the time since (to see if both of us fit in it for GNT ride - we did, just). It weighs around the kilo mark I think but it's kinda big compared to some options these days.

  • Spent hours looking for a hexagon cut tarp of medium weight and price, found only amazon budget random junk/possible budget gold (who knows!) or £180 to £300* dyneema /cuban fabric. Gave up and bought the first thing that fitted the bill a "trekmates" hex, will see what arrives. Definitely not light at 800g! Once factored in weight of hammock, Ridge line and some straps we are less than 200g from an actual full tent.
    Have a F10 Argon that's done around 7 years moderate use, find it hard to beat, cosy 2 man, 3 pole made from decent stuff, 1.8kg real weight in bag with right number of pegs. Not really a mountain tent but does what we needed it to do.

    *yes seems to be possible to spend £300 on simple sheet of material with a basic edge and attachment points on it. The argon was barely more than that.

  • that weighs more than double my 3m x 3m flat tarp I made myself, but costs the same...all you need is a sewing machine!

  • Thanks for the offer but I think space is definitely going to be at a premium.

    I ended up buying one of the lanshan 1p tents off of amazon, pains me but I couldn't find it anywhere else that would come in time. We will see how it goes, hopefully it doesn't rain and it should be fine.

  • and a mighty tarp it is too. I will make one one day

  • Testing my new Pillow.

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    Decent price for a Gatewood Cape, just shy of £140 delivered.

  • Have just finished rinsing the dust off my lanshan (flames creed) 1 and 2 person tents after a two day shakedown trip to East Sussex.

    Both survived the attentions of an inattentive 4 year old, although I had packed a spare carbon tent pole in case of disaster.

    No issues pitching them, although the tent floor is so thin you do have to put some effort into clearing away stones.

    I'll probably invest in a proper tent footprint but otherwise 10/10 because my wife said she's happy to go on another trip.

    Still a bit surprised you can get camping gear, cook kit, and food for 3 people into two 20L panniers and a handlebar dry bag! A big departure from my DofE days.

  • Have searched the thread for tall man tents but they all seem to be one man. Any ideas for 2 man suitable tents? (196cm / 167cm)

  • Scarp 2? Maybe not quite long enough

  • The duo looks like a very good contender. Around 380 quid without delivery and all the add ons. 250x140 bed area is pretty mad by these lightweight tent standards

    Think I'd prefer the Scarp 2 but looks 190 is the limit


  • I have a half dome 2+ I have no idea how heavy it is but you'll definitely fit. I've been in a nordisk telemark too, it's a bit tight but I think manageable. You might find one second hand in budget. I'm 2m so not dissimilar to you

  • Stratospire2? I think the scarp2 is 218 internal length.

  • Have just spotted the "new" to me 15D versions of the naturehike Mongar and Star River in a fetching dark blue.

    They appear to be Hubba Hubba and copper spur homages to put it mildly, with dual side access/vestibules.
    Now I'm trying to decide which to take a punt on.

    Mongar is lighter at 1.57kg has dual vents and hanging d-doors as well as a symmetrical ridge line so is two ended, but is full mesh inner.

    The Star River is 1.7kg, single vent, 5cm longer inside at 215cm with partial fabric inner for privacy/wind blocking rainbow falling doors and due to falling ridge is single ended.

    I'm basically torn between the lighter, better ventilated fly versus the extra 5cm of clearance and the use of fabric on the lower section of the inner tent to block drafts.

    Without suggesting any other tents any advice to help me pick? Tent is for late spring to early autumn bike packing, hiking and maybe overnighting with one of the two childs. I use a quilt not a sleeping bag and am currently without a sleeping pad.

    Ta People

  • Nordisk Lofoten 2 ULW is pretty cool. It's around 500g and for 1 person it's amazing. For 2 it's a bit of a squeeze. It's really small when packed - like compressed Sea-to-Summit Spark I. Here's a link: But yes, it's pricey!

  • I've got the latest star river 2 and i like it a lot.
    I would only get the mongar over the star river if you're planning to get the extra vestibule. The poles of the star river fold up a bit shorter so that would be my pick.

  • Ta. It's the way I was leaning for the partial fabric inner. Is yours the grey 20D version?

    Have you seen the supposed 15D version in blue?

    Time to blow my tiny budget

  • Mine is the grey 20d indeed. I think the difference is the outher fabric between the 15d and 20d, everything else seems exactly the same to me.

    The only thing i would want to change on my star river 2 is adding an extra big pocket on the inside like the copper spur has.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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