Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • I'm a fan of my BA Happy Holligan UL 2 for many of the same reasons. It's not a patch on my warbonnet blackbird hammock though.

  • One lanky man tent suggestion? Think I'm 6'2"

    Used my Hubba Hubba on a previous solo trip which was palatial in terms of space but struggled to get poles within the front bar bag holster . Ended up strapping poles to the very front to avoid the shifters which is risky if stacked it. A smaller volume would also have been welcome.

    Edit. Should have probably added looking to use for bikepacking and to be inexpensive compared to the Hubba.

  • The gatewood cape seems plenty roomy in garden testing in the rain. Adding the bug inner will make it a bit less roomy, but already wondering if necessary if I sleep in sleeves & a bug mesh headset.

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  • might spend the afternoon in here.

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  • Looks like you've pegged a voluminous cape to the ground.

  • Fwiw I've been looking into options for controlling the volume whe in poncho mode... looks like an old elastic lock lace from my triathlon days will be perfect.

  • Anyone looking to shift a tent to a new home? Hoping to head off on my maiden bike trip in mid-August.

  • Your garden looks more wild and rugged than many campsites.

  • Headed up London > Inverness on a charity ride in a couple weeks. Thoughts on a one man tent Vs a bivvi bag + tarp?

  • Charity ride, I'm assuming proper campsites? I'd take a tent.
    Probably slightly warmer which for me = better sleep and it's not like a little extra weight is a big issue. No worrying about trying to find trees or stuff to tie off on if you're in a field or have allocated spaces to fill.

  • Yes, many C&CC members wouldn't be happy with this spot.

  • Outside of garden camp overnight.

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  • The seam tape is coming off the inside of the fly of my roughly 10 year old Terra Nova. I was looking at re-taping ready for a few trips I have planned, has anyone done this? The tape says to iron on, which is making me nervous.

    Its heavy for a lightweight tent, but is a genuine 4 season mountain tent. Its fantastic and has been great in every weather, just in need of a bit of TLC.... I hope.

  • Anyone got a 2 person tent they want to sell?

  • I am up for selling my lanshan 1 man tent. Unopened. Paid £100 would like to get monies back.

  • Did a test setup of my 1 man Lanshan in the garden the other day, prefect little tent!

  • Hmm, what colour is it?

  • Which copper spur? Std? Bikepack? MtnGlo?

    Where did you buy?

    It's either this or one of the Nemos for a lightweight freestanding sub 1.5kg hike and bike pack tent. Unless someone else has a suggestion.

  • he's got the bikepack version - the one with the shortstick poles

    i have the same one - looks like a proper bit of kit

    I carried it on tour and while pushing my bike up lots of German hills last week but shamefully I haven't used it other than in the living room so far!

  • From here­equipment-c3/tents-shelters-c25/copper-s­pur-hv-ul2-bikepacking-tent-p10890

    They seem to get stock on a fairly regular basis but sells out quick. Used it this weekend, very happy.

  • Out of stock at the bigagnes too.

  • Cape in action again last night

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  • finally got the last of my shelter stuff delivered. Setup is:

    Aricxi tarp - 350g
    Bearbones poles - 130g
    Bearbones pegs + guys - 45g
    Groundsheet (roofing material from Bearbones) - 112g

    Also have an Aliexpress mat which is 430g and a pretty heavy Rab bag (just over 1kg) but I had that already.

    This gives me a total weight including bike bags, cooking stuff etc around 3.6kg. The bag is the big element I could drop weight from but in honesty that depends how much I use the setup.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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