Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • There is a good upgrade to make the tent more durable, I had to trawl for parts to fix this so i'll save you the time. The 3 way joint at the crown of the tent where the poles meet broke on mine, it looks like this ( weighs 16g):

    replace it with one of these (27g):­275.html

    also I unscrew the 'pegs' from the original and glued them into the poles to stop the ends splitting too.

  • I have a flames creep lanshan 2, surplus to requirements. Used for 1 week to hike the GR20 last year. Only selling because I planned to bike the PCT this year so got a Gossamer Gear 2 before Covid delayed those plans for the foreseeable.

    The bad - Inner bug mesh has a rip on the seam between mesh and zip (about 8cm from memory), an easy repair though. Also, I went a bit overboard with seam seal so it is flaking.

    The good - £35 posted (within UK)

    PM if you are interested.

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  • Just PM'ed you Alex :)

  • I recognise that view. Is that the first site you get to after the long first day slog?

  • Damn, Alex's tent has gone.

    Has anyone ever repaired the seams on their tent? Mine is ten years old plus and hasn't been waterproof for at least 2....

  • Since I'm thinking about going to Scotland right now - anyone got a lightweight 2-person tent suitable for bikepacking with, they'd like to shift?

    There's a Six Moon Lunar Duo on ebay for £300 but it's gonna need poles and shit to get it working. Meh.


  • Has anyone actually used these Aliexpress tents in anger? Are they any good or is it just some shite you could buy from Argos?

  • I've got the Naturehike Cloud 2 (think that's the name) and it withstood a battering in the Lake District so I was pleased for the £60 or so I paid. Works with or without the fly, when I bought it it came with the footprint as well and weighs about 1.2kg

    I can't talk for the Lanshan model mind.

  • £150 on Amazon though.

    These are £244, just under 2kg and come with inner and outer doovies...­ers-1/WF130.html

    Or this one without the inner doovie:­ers-1/WF137.html

  • Don't forget Terra Nova tents too Hippy.

  • I must have got it on an Aliexpress sale thinking about it

  • Ta

    I guess EOL implies end of life? In which case, is there much point waiting for upgraded versions?­-man-tents/coshee-2-tent/

    I have not much clue what I'm looking for other than
    2 person
    Less than £elevntybillion

    Looks like Hoolie are over 2kg, Zephyros implies top to tail sleeping so not much room, Last Comp 2 seems pretty damn light at 1.23kg but price starts getting up there at £345 but it does include poles and stuff whereas most others seem to be designed to use walking poles.


    2.45kg but "easier to carry thanks to compact size of just 30cm long" which might mean I could carry it without a rack which basically saves another 1kg of weight anyway. I think it might just fit between my skinny drops under the aerobars.

  • Zephyros OK but not roomy - only OK for 2 if everything is outside.

  • For Terra Nova; Zephyros model is the budget version of their Laser Comp model (bit heavier and cheaper due to less nice materials used). Laser Comp design is a tight fit for one let alone two, made for being lightweight rather than roomy. Build quality of Terra Nova stuff is very good and they are Derbyshire based, TarpTent are USA. Very similar designs and throw in another maker Hilleberg who are at the top end of build quality and budget.

    Terra Nova, TarpTent, Hilliberg are all quality lightweight tent makers. I linked to the Terra Nova sale page because they often have really good deals. The 'Coshee' model looks interesting, but I've never tried it.

  • @hippy Laser Comp can often be found on sale - I think I got one from
    Snow and rock this time last year, and it was £100

  • Thanks both, I'll have a closer look at their dimensions later. If I can find the dimensions of my current tent, then at least in my head I'll know roughly how these compare.

  • Assuming the dimensions haven't changed in 20 years, this is the size of my Macpac Microlight

    We would both fit in it at a push but on a tour I'm not sure how long we'd last sleeping so closely in it. At least we'd be warm!

  • I have not much clue what I'm looking for other than
    2 person
    Less than £elevntybillion

    This is 1.75kg, packs to 39*11*12cm. £179.­0-ultralight-2p-id_8586318.html

    I have the 3 man version which has lasted me well for years of bike tours/walking/festivals.

  • The lanshan tents are well vouched for just get one

    Dont get a hoolie.
    TN OK but I'd go hilliburg over them.
    Tarptent other option

    Can borrow my hilliburg nallo 2 if you want

  • That looks like the Laser Comp/Zepheros

    But this version looks more suitable for 2 people:­-man-tents/zephyros-compact-2/

    I'm thinking if I can get something that packs down to more like 30cm instead of 40cm I could strap it / holster it to my bars, like all those cool mtb bikepacker types seem to do.

  • Hilleberg Nammatj 2 is feckin' £885 and 3kg so unless it has TARDIS powers and appears to be a 5-Star hotel inside I'm out.

    I think I'll stick to something cheap from TN (what's wrong with the Hoolie?) or this kind of thing­ers-1/WF130.html

  • Nammatj is a 4 season tent. It will survive a load of snow and wind dumped on it.

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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