Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • I bought a copper spur UL2 and it is real fantastic.
    I am a bit worried by how thing the floor material is so might make/get a cheap footprint - but it gets lots of comments on this and minimal actual reviews saying theyve every actually ripped it..

  • dupe

  • Footprints are a waste of time.
    Who cares if you get a tiny rip on the floor if you abuse it. If you do 1cm of gorilla tape will fix it forever.

  • I'm a fan of a cheap extra groundsheet. Means you can set up your tent on top in the same condition each time and it mostly stays clean and dry. Special, expensive footprints not worth it, but groundsheet layer can come in handy as place to lie, extra shelter etc. Depending on conditions you pitch on.

  • just bought myself the lanshan. thanks @platypus

  • I don’t get this at all.
    Staying dry, well if you’re camping on wet ground and it’s not raining then you have clearly picked a bad spot. If it is raining the whole tent will be wet, what’s the point.
    Protecting the base, what are you camping on? A bed of nails? Even my cuben bottom tent which I did 100 nights in never got close to having the bottom injured.
    Want something to lie on, just lie on the whole tent flat.
    Maybe this comes across as agro but I’ve never seen any good reason for a groundsheet.

  • I like to pack and keep the tent as clean and protected as possible. The groundsheet keeps any mud or sludge separate from a screwed up packed tent. I've camped on a ton of different surfaces and prefer not to expose the floor directly to the ground if a cheap sheet can help. Lying on the tent flat would mean I have toggles and zips in the way. The groundsheet also means you can go through packing up the tent / emptying repacking panniers etc. and not do it on the bare ground, but on a surface. For me that helps keep the inner better too and less pegs etc. lost. It also folds out big and can supplement as another tarp /bike cover / all sorts if needed.
    It's not aggro, we all have different ways. To me the usefulness of something so light and cheap makes it worth adding on a long trip if you are camping in unknown situations.

  • Bought a tarp and mat from aliexpress, a groundsheet and poles/pegs from Bearbones. Just need to sort the sleeping bag and i should be okay

  • Two years after buying it, I actually slept in that ‘Mountain Life Backpacker 2’ tent. I think I slept a night in it a year or so ago but can’t remember.

    Half tempted to look at slightly taller tents, as much as the 2kg weight and quality is there, the ability to scooch around inside is not.

    Also, forgot how chilly it gets at 5am

  • After two nights in the garden in the backpacker tent, I’ve decided I’m too long for it.

    By the looks of pack weight and price, the Lanshan has practically zero competitors, right? I’ve re-read all the previous pages and Platypus’ comments, just struggling to find any other sub-1.5kg tent with as much room.

    Was thinking about the larger 2-person, as its claimed weight is only a few grams more right? But I’d need two poles? Must research moar.

  • How tall are you? Because the lanshan 1 and 2 arent that long. Naturehike has some freestanding tents that weight as much as the lanshan including poles. You can find them on aliexpress.

  • 6ft when my posture’s good, and I like to point my toes to stretch, so the more I research them the less suitable they become.

    Not sure how accessible Go Outdoors is, but I want to try the OEX options. I’ll have the same weight but the Phoxx II is definitely bigger, and the Bobcat might be just about long enough with a tarp. Thinking Bobcat for headroom when sitting, Phoxx II for length laying down.

    My Backpacker 2 is just under 850mm height inside so even 900mm will feel like an improvement. 1000mm would be great but most are pushing weight up past 2kg.


  • Went for the OEX Phoxx II (v2). It felt totally okay inside as far as height sitting up and length laying down. Luxuriously spacious compared to the backpacker. They didn’t have the smaller stuff set up so I couldn’t try it, but I preferred it to the 3kg Berghaus offerings.


    Lots of nice tents and tarps here, pricey compared to aliexpress/cheap Chinese offerings but the upside is U.K. made, top quality according to reviews and the option to repair and replace individual parts such as fly when they wear out. I shall be ordering a phreeranger shortly, it’s been the dream tent for a while!

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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