Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • bit more on it
    absolutely the platypus recommended 1person tent to buy new for £100ish­ewtopic.php?f=20&t=77041

  • Thanks. The platypus seal of approval is just what I was looking for

  • What is recommended as a pole?

  • I'm a big fan of this, it's a squeeze with 2 but princely with just 1...­ltralight-2-hiking-tent-2-man-grey-id_82­45650.html

  • I like the look of that too. You've taken it bikepacking? Whats the weight size like? Easy to put up?

  • Bearbones, for a choice of aluminium or carbon fibre from deepest mid-Wales. Various standard sizes available, as well as full custom.

  • Yep, took it on this trip:­ - I mean, you can certainly get slightly lighter and smaller i'm sure, but I'm really impressed with its size, weight and durability and it goes up in 90 secs with a good bit of ground an familiarity with it...

  • Cool, I remember reading that report at the time. Was a great trip I'm sure.

  • This is the custom pole service I used. Superb quality and very good price.

  • Any recommendations for a 3 person (2 adults one child) tent?

    Neither wife nor child contributes to the luggage hauling so lightweight options appreciated.

  • Tarp camping, do you use a bivvy or a groundsheet? As far as I can tell there should be something between mat and ground.
    Keen to get out for some more exposed camping than using my tent.

  • Either works - bivvy can be nice if it's very wet as you get a bit more cover. Ground sheet is fine in most cases though. If it's dry you mainly want something to stop the matt getting damaged/manky

  • Oh to camp in a mosquito free country.

  • Thanks. Yeah I'm thinking a bivvy and 2xtarp would be good additions to my kit. My tent is lovely, but always feels a bit permanent when dodgy-wildcamping and a bit enclosed when nice wildcamping.

  • I like the freedom of bivvying, though I don't think I've actually ever had a good sleep in one. The Alpkit one is solid, and they have a nice ultralight one. I thought this

    was a good discussion of bivvys

  • I've got a coleman cobra 2 and it's ok, but too short to sit up in which is a pain, I'm 5'11" btw, a maate has a vango banshee 200 which I can sit up in

  • UK - always just a groundsheet, of which you can get no better than a piece of Tyvek.

    In Europe generally bugs are only an issue if you pick your campsite badly.

  • Bought this Terra Nova tent, tested it in the garden last night. Seems great, probably not ideal if you are tall, as the height is pretty low. But I like the lower profile from a stealth point of view.

    Was cold so I cheated and used an extra blanket and a hot water bottle :)

    I think I need a wider sleeping mat.

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  • When I'm out camping in the winter, I take a flexible drinks pouch and get it filled with boiling water at the last pub before pitching camp and bedding down. Works well as a hot water bottle, and makes the first brew of the day less of an effort.

  • Nalgene bottles are good for this too, rated to be safe with boiling water. A couple of these in ski socks in the sleeping bag at night kept us toasty in Nepal.

  • Any opinions on the oex bush pro bivvi vs the alpkit hunka?

  • At £39 reduced the OEX one is worth a punt surely?

    I've got an Alpkit Hunka I won't be using for a bit if you want to borrow it to trial?

  • Been looking for a tent for a bit of bikepacking. Needs to fit between my 44cm wide drop bars. Been looking at the naturehike stuff but they have about 1000 models and it's impossible to work out what's good or not. Any recommendations?

  • Don't bother with a tent and just use a sleeping bag.
    Or will you be camping in the rain?

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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