Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • Something PHD could do, yeah?

    I mean, they do custom sleeping bags:­.com/

  • No they explicitly state they dont.

  • Ah, bugger. Do they do a jacket with removable sleeves? Then sell off the jacket you have?

  • Nah

    I'll find someone to custom it

  • these are absolutely miserable. I once did a week in a rab version of this and I wanted to cry everytime I got in. it's basically a non-breathable moderately waterproof coffin.

    buy my tent instead...

  • As Tucas, Nunatak, or Borah Gear for custom jackets
    I would say Nunatak are the best of the three

  • or if you want an existing jacket customised, scottish mountain gear might do it if you ask very nicely

  • I have an outdoor research helium.

    It's ok, but tBH the Rab dicks all over it. Lot's of condensation in the OR one. Not once have I woken up in it not damp at the feet, bit of a problem with most bivis TBF, but the rab copes better due to combination of material and the taut design meaning you can keep it off your feet

  • I asked a pal, and he said it would be a nightmare job. If he reckons it’s a nightmare job, I can’t see anyone else thinking different. Kind of thing a local seamstress/Taylor might take on?

  • Which rab is this?

    Gonna put this out there - would anyone be willing to lend me a bivvy for a trip I'm doing to Scotland in June?

    I'm really tempted to buy a nice bivvy, but concerned I won't get on with it and will regret the purchase...would be good to try before buying, particularly as the one i'm looking at is the best part of £250...

    It needs to have a bug net. I'm willing to pay a bit / certainly donate beer / your choice of poison. Let me know via PM if anyone is feel so kind!

  • Rab Ridge raider, unfortunately will probs be using it in June

    Feel free to borrow the OR helium.

    It's honestly not as bad as I painted it, TBH noticed it's failings more when I upgraded. Bottom line, bad some condensation will keep you dry and I've slept through torrential storms in it and will keep bugs off your face.

  • See I used my rab ascent for 2 weeks straight and loved it

  • Okay thanks I'm awure it wont be easy but surely people are skilled enough.

    I'll check platypus suggestions.

  • Dont want a tent. I have aimed already.

  • I respect your thoughts however the helium is made of a compety different material. So the breathability issues are not relevant to this model.

  • Fair point!

    Material wise yes, but designwise I was about to say another issue with it was the fact that if you had net down and hood up It never really worked but just got in the way. However reading that, it appears they've addressed that.

    Also quality and workmanship on it was good as it is with a few OR products I've had.

  • Amazing - thank you - will PM.

  • Okay thanks for further comments.

    Sounds like it should be a good product. I'm willing to give it a go and see. If its crap I'll return it.

  • OK. still think this is a grand deal

  • I'm not sure it's tough enough..

    I'd like the loop hood also to get the bag off my face.

  • Wasn't there a thread for lending out bikepacking/camping gear? I have a good amount of stuff (mostly cheap) and happy to lend it out if it prevents people having to buy things for single trips. Environment innit.

    Alpkit Hunka, DD Superlight 3x3 tarp, some bags, etc. I am in Scotland though.

  • OR said they're Ascentshell is:
    Waterproof: 12,000mm
    Breathability: 30,000mm

    So good numbers. Waterproof is less than goretex and a bit lower than I'd like. Will think about it

  • The rab ridge raider is:
    Waterproof: 20m
    Breathability: 20m

  • Nice and very good price Tarptent Rainbow 1 person roomy shelter for sale on T-L­ds/tarptent-rainbow.6469/

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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