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  • Could easily be a painted old model and claim it's 2014, however it's not uncommon to have fake Specialized frame.

  • Looks the same as the langster pros that were being sold off for £250 a while back.... Offer him £250 otherwise steer clear.

  • I've no interest in the ebay link at all. infact it was a bad example to use.
    Still curious as to the difference between an s-works langster and a langster pro.
    I'm starting think there is no difference at all and specialised just decided to drop the 's-works' label from the name.

  • New front wheel sorted. Took it for a spin today, really happy with how it's riding.

  • New front wheel sorted. Took it for a spin today, really happy with how it's riding.

    I really like the paint and chrome rear triangle on this. Tidy.

  • So I'm looking at this bike:­ialized/langster-2014-track-bike-ec05303­6

    The thing is that the only available size is a 54cm. I am 5.10''(178cm), and the guy in the shop measured me (inner leg length), and made some calculations (don't know what exactly) and the number was 55.8, suggesting my size is closer to a 56cm.

    It is the first track bike I've ever tried, and i know that in general track bikes are quite compact and small, and I think that with the saddle a bit high I can ride it fine, but I'm afraid of regretting getting a slightly smaller sized bike.

    Is there a massive difference in 2cm size? Have you regretted getting a smaller bike?


  • I think you'll find it too small, I have a 56cm with 120mm stem and I'm 5'11'

  • Well it feels a bit small, but I'm not sure how it should feel really. Based on my measures, some charts recommend a 54, other a 56. The langster one is just right in the middle of both sizes.

    These are my measures:­4/measures.jpg

    These are the competitiveCyclist bike size calculator recommendations:­y/frame%20sizes.jpg

    And this is the geometry of the Langster:­oad/langster/langster#geometry

    Based on that I should get a 58! Which there's no way it's right.
    For a 54, I'm surprised that the frame has 500cm C-T. So in general, the frames seem smaller than in other geometries.

    Any other people with a langster 2014 out there?


  • You are pretty much the same size as I am (same height, same inside leg etc,.) and looking at the geometry chart I would pick the 54. This is because the top tube length is good for me and the head tube length is large enough to put bars at right height.
    I could ride the 56 but would need a very short stem which sort of means it is not perfect fit but would still be completely rideable.
    Don't worry about the set tube length, that is irrelevant.

  • I'm not sure whether this will help or muddy the waters further, but I have a 2014 langster pro in 54 (although slightly different models, I would assume a similar overall fit?) and I'm 5'11". It's just about perfect with a 110mm stem - saddle to bar drop is pretty decent. I'm currently riding bullhorns out of preference, but I have a set of compact drops I'll put on there at some point, and don't feel it will be ridiculous.

  • Actually I've just compared to geometries and they are fairly similar, with the langster pro having a slightly longer wheelbase and seattube. Not sure where you're based but you'd be welcome to give mine a go, and I'm sure you could find someone with a 56cm for comparison. Give me a PM if you're interested

  • Yep, I'm going for the 54. I like the bike and it's available and even if it were a tad smaller, which I could always look for a longer stem, but I don't even think that'll be necessary.

    Thanks a lot for the kind replies!

  • Hi All,

    I've been lurking through these pages at some of the lovely Langsters.

    I'm looking very soon at purchasing the Specialized Langster. I see it's now available again in Red (according to the Specialized website).
    I just had a few questions I was hoping you people might be able to help me with:

    (1) I'm between 6 feet3, 6 feet 4. Should I go with a 58cm or a 61cm frameset?
    (2) I was looking at the standard Langster yesterday in my local bike store. Whilst the frame is lovely I'd love to tidy the bike up somewhat. The handlebars look awful - I'd love to change them , any suggestions? Are the stock wheels any good? I would also be looking to change them in the future. Again any suggestions for reasonably priced wheels which are good and will improve the looks?

    Bike is going to be used for daily commuting.

    Cheers for any help/suggestions.

  • I'd go with the 58cm frameset. Better to err on a little too small than a little too big IMO.

    I use bog standard bontrager road drops on mine (with hoods), they're fine. That really depends on which kind of look you prefer, though - my langster looks absolutely nothing like a track bike or a hipster bike, which comes from me using it as a long-distance bike.

    I don't know what the Axis classic track wheels are like, but my 2011 langster came with Mavic CXP22 wheels - about 25 quid each right now - as stock and they've done about 12000 miles in all seasons, commuting, overseas, and audaxes, and have still not exploded yet(!)

  • I'm 6'2" and have a similar geo bike - I ride a 61cm. It's comfortable but I can't swing my leg over (ooer) the bike while rolling. That's probably more to do with my poor flexibility than the bike.

    It's different for every body though, so I'd have a test ride on both sizes and see what feels better. I don't like to feel squashed up between the seat and the handlebars.

  • I ride the 2011 chromed steel model and have a 58cm frame that feels a bit short for me at 6'0", I have plenty of seat post showing and a long 130mm stem. I would go up a size if I could.

    But it's more about what feels right for you, test rides are the way forward if possible.

  • Hi All,
    Thanks for all the helpful replies.

  • Hi all,

    I have recently acquired a Langster frame and I was hoping that someone could recommend me a set of forks to buy for the frame?

  • I second what Bothwell said, get a 58 and longer stem if needed. I ride a 56 with 120mm stem, it is personal preference though. I like my bikes that way and find them most comfortable but others may not, sit on a 58 and 61 in a shop to see how they feel for you.

    The standard wheels are not bad, pretty standard OTP track wheels with sealed bearings. Durable but not that interesting, I currently run a pair of Novatec hubs laced to open pro's. Shaved some weight off the bike and they're a very strong durable wheel set. Stardard bars do suck, again head down to your LDS and have a look/feel of some different bars and see what works for you. I personally love Deda's compact drop shape, RHM01's are £20 I think.

  • I've been making some changes to the Langster since I started my new job, not becoming a weight weenie build as I need it to be suitable for daily commuting. Out of curiosity I'm looking to see how light it could be without spending a fortune, recently added a Arione/Thompson combo and swapped for some lighter folding tyres. Also made the swap to road pedals, fitted some of the new 105's by Shimano. It weighed roughly 8.2kg prior to the recent additions, it's probably near the 7.5kg mark now. Looking to swap out the fork at some point as it appears to be the Achilles heel of the Langster/Allez, it's quite heavy.

    Apologies for the crap phone photo

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  • Check rims wear!

  • Oh yeah, the rims are looking fairly fucked. They've finally become bad enough for me to decide that continuing to ride on them would be foolish endeavour :-)

    But they still haven't exploded yet!

  • You and all the customer!

  • I subscribe to the Hippy school of rim wear (as it were) - if it's not actually split, then it's not worn out

  • I will pop my summer build in here now that it has gone away for the winter ! ![]

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Langster / Langster Pro / Langster Steel

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