Play polo at Arsenal Emirates Stadium?

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  • ;771262']They were never a requirement. I was hoping to have some Bern helmets in time. But apparently they're being posted today instead of last week... I don't have a helmet so didn't wear one in the games I played.

    Does that mean you'll have a bunch of Bern helmets going spare .......

  • Yea, on the 2nd of August.

  • Ha. Is it definite that they're needed for the Euro's then ?

  • I took tons of photos the other day. They were mostly crap, but I have put a few on my flickr for everyone...­sets/72157620233255977/

    I thought it was really cool to see polo in amongst the more mainstream cycling stands and shops and the rock climbing and stuff. I'm disappointed I left before people started having a go though. We should organise the have a go part better if there's another similar event.. It would be great, if only for the hilarity.

  • I'm not bailing in that ollie off the ramp. I'm doing a kickflip. I landed it. Or not.

  • maybe not

  • Hi, sorry to post this in here, only just registered so I can't start a thread.

    I was cycled past the court on Downham Road last night, and I sat and watched a load of people playing bike polo there.

    I have the feeling that some of those people were from this forum. Were you playing last night?

    It looks like a great sport, I would love to try it at some point. You lot looked pretty professional though, it looked quite brutal, would a beginner be welcome?

    I've only just got into single speed bikes, and my one is only a month old, so I don't want to wreck it. What do I need in terms of equipment for bike polo, obviously a bike, and I guess the mallet. Where can I get either of those, and how much would I expect to have to pay?


    Oh and finally how often do you play at Downham road, I only live just round the corner...

    Was searching for an old post of mine, while doing that I found this, my first ever post on the forum...

    what a n00b, if only I had know where this would end up 3 years later.

  • Ha, complete n00b! That would be a great thread, everyone posts their first forum post.

  • 3 years later, bike polo professional, friends in the industry.

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Play polo at Arsenal Emirates Stadium?

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