Chrome / Black-Nickel Plating

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  • Reviving this thread...

    Tregunna tell me they can't do parts of a frame, e.g. just the lugs. Does anyone know of a Chrome Platers that can?
    So if I wanted chrome lugs and then a respray powder coat, how do i go about it; powder coating then lugs chromed; or the other way round?

  • b-b-b-bump!

    Can't be done as I understand it...
    Chroming is a dip process, i.e. the object to be plated is submerged in a solution and an electric current is applied to the metal... the current attracts the metal to the frame and bonds it on. As far as I know, there is no way of just plating the lugs... I don't know how they do it...

    Anyway, the reason I bumped this thread, I am about to buy a set of cranks and chainring on the bay, I was thinking of re-chroming... I'm not sure the ring needs it, but I might get it done anyway. Will the process weaken or damage the parts, or, is it like repainting?

  • can just do sections of a frame, just dip those parts

  • i sa w a 5min tv thingy lasty night showing how chroming works
    lots of vats of bubbling liquidss / vats of strippers

    front bumper of motor car came out looking mirror finished
    tempted to try it on a frame and see how it turns out
    as a kid i had a chrome bmx you can't whack chrome

  • quite hard to find someone with a big enough bath. cost for a whole frame would be pretty high.

  • theres a good guide for restoring chrome using coca cola and foil, written by one of my Brimingham Brethren I believe, you coul dtry the search function, its somewhere on the site....

  • Can anyone recommend anyone for this in London? Is having a frame re-plated massively expensive?


  • Regarding the company Tregunna Chrome, has anyone had a frame or large parts such as forks/cranks/bars etc done by these guys?
    Any pics at all? I'd really like to get an idea of the quality of their work, and also how long have you had stuff plated for, whats the quality of the chrome like, e.g. has it started to peel etc, I know for instance so called "chrome plated" Odyssey hazard bmx rims had a massive problem with the chrome peeling off, wouldn't want to pay out money for a frame to get done and see the same thing happen.

  • Nevermind, I used the fucking search and found something far more interesting.......This is gonna be nicccccce.

  • My dad has used a company called silvabronz before, and I have used them very recently for chroming. They are very reasonably priced and the standard of work is very high. For example, cranks which were peeling anve very heavily pitted cost me £20 per crank. Compared to other quotes I recieved ranging from £20 to £60 PER CRANK, this is creat. A quick google will pop up listings for the company, I'm not sure they have a website...

  • Does any body know where i can get my frame chrome plated? and how much it costs?

  • not easy... i tried to find a place a while ago and even the smaller motor bike places just told me how expensive it was and then said no.

  • contact Tel from the forum, he knows a place in Kent

  • cheers gents...

  • albion plating in horsham, theyre doing my forks - £30.

    for any one interested, how it works is they polish up the metal to mirror polish, plate it in nickel, then coat it in chrome. chrome is a clear lacquer essentially.

    on a bike you only want decorative chrome which is thinner and a lot cheaper.

    i found most places assume you want a tough chrome plate, used for pistons and hard wearing stuff, quote will be stupid high. ask for decorative chrome its hella cheap, thats all you need on a bike.

    and wire wool/brillo pad cleans up rusty chrome quickly and easily.

  • ^That's very interesting.

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Chrome / Black-Nickel Plating

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