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  • Quoting @PhilDAS

    *Can we have a rule if it doesn't already exist somewhere, that sellers must not demand paypal fees be payed by the buyer. the cost of using paypal should remain with the seller as paypal intends and buyers shouldn't be forced to pay extra just to ensure they're not getting ripped off. I thought this was in the rules already but can't spot it now

    Where are on this one again? If the seller wants to sell via PayPal, then the seller takes the hit on the fees or the seller adjusts the price includes the fees?

    I think it's rude if someone asks to pay fees, which forces you down the PayPal gift path.

    At the the end of the day it's bobbins, principals need to be kept.

  • Well, what if the seller wasn’t intending to post it, and listed a price for a nice easy collection? A keen buyer will prob be happy to pay postage and any PayPal fees. It stings a bit but it’s the price for not collecting them. I don’t really have an issue with it anyway

  • Yeah, as a non-Londoner and therefore mostly a remote buyer/seller, that’s where I find the issue with a blanket goods and services only rule lies. If I buy something from someone in that London, they’re going to end up with less than if someone local buys it for cash. As a buyer I tend to assume that I’m to add fees as well as postage.

  • I don't think it's fair for the seller to have to cover the fees if they are listing an item locally and someone wants it posted. It takes time and effort to package etc. which is why they prob have it listed on here in the first place as its a London (originally) based forum, for someone in London to collect. They would ultimately end up getting less that what they were asking.

    I generally pay via goods and cover the fees so the seller isn't out of pocket unless they offered to cover the fees. This is more for my peace of mind. Unless they are someone who only used the forum to sell a lot and isn't in London.

    I wouldn't send via paypal gift unless it was someone who I know or see using the forum very often eg. someone with a lot of threads, comments, clearly knows other people irl and the item isn't worth hundres etc. Imo anyone who pays via paypal gift does so at their own risk.

  • As a buyer I tend to assume that I’m to add fees as well as postage.

    Agreed. And as a seller (not that I am much on here) I would assume payment by paypal G&S and that the buyer will cover this cost in addition to postage, as both of these are for their benefit. Not mine.

  • I wouldn't send via paypal gift unless it was someone who I know or see using the forum very often

    Yes this is my rule of thumb too. If it’s someone I’ve seen posting a lot or I’ve interacted with them a few times etc - happy to do friends and family generally. I kind of assume the same from people buying - A glance at my profile shows someone reasonably invested in the forum and unlikely to try and stitch someone up for a few quid.

    I think this is all a little hard to translate into a hard and fast rule, though

  • I think it's rude if someone asks to pay fees, which forces you down the PayPal gift path.

    Not half as rude as posting this in open forum instead of telling the seller directly though. Suffice to say we will not be doing business.

  • Not half as rude as posting this in open forum

    They're entitled to their opinion though and they didn't exactly call you out on it.

  • Regardless of trust or forum presence, using PP gift is never a wise move: the seller could get run-down by the proverbial bus on the way to the PO etc etc and you'd be out of pocket, just the same as if they'd deliberately screwed you over.

  • Please can someone nuke my thread for a bike for sale, that I'm moving over to eBay after no interest here.­34/#comment15947584


  • What happens if people dibs on items and dont follow up the sale?

  • Wait an appropriate amount of time then offer it to the next in the dibs queue ± a post stating this on the sale thread.

  • Or, just make it clear dibs don't mean shit.

    The time wasters who throw 'dibs' on things and think they can then float back when it's convenient to them, can honestly do one.

    Just had a look at your thread, dibs 'for a friend' is even more lols, if they havent followed up make it clear the bike is still available for other people looking.

    I generally (and make it clear usually) that dibs without a PM straight away will be ignored.

  • Yea i guess dibs and payment within a couple of days or an arrangement to meet and pay should be fair. Just i will mark as sold if someone dibs so was just curious qhat the protocol is.

  • Once I have agreed a sale, I mark as sold pending collection/payment, and update when the item has gone. So if posting, once payment received, or if collected when you no longer have the item in your possession.

    You don't have to accept dibs, but yes if someone gets in touch and arranges a time etc then that's fine (for me), but there is no obligation to sell to any particular person.

  • With any free just pay postage items offered up on here. The person offering up stuff for free shouldn't get charged PayPal G&S fees because then it ends up costing the sender money just to give stuff away. FFS 🤦🏻♂️

  • I would like to list some things for sale but never done it on the new platform (or at least cant remember how to do it), whats the process? Is there a non bike related sales section?

  • Include the PayPal fees with the postage costs.. obvs?


    Miscellany subforum. Prefix for the thread should be "OT: ..." if one was to be a pedant

  • "OT: ..."

    Isnt "OT" mean or trade?! What if i am only interested in selling? Or can I simply OT for cash?

  • "Off Topic" AKA not a bike

  • Do we/can we have a rule about using this forum to sell fuel-guzzling, air-polluting Chelsea Tractors?­57/#comment16332815

    What next? Sales threads for shares in Shell?

  • Got a question about multi listing I'd welcome thoughts on.

    Obviously listing an item on here as well as fleabay, gumtree is out of bounds. But how about posting my lfgss classifieds thread on to a Facebook group? In the sense of "I've listed this item on lfgss (link), contact me here or there if interested."

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Rules for classifieds

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