Rules for classifieds

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  • FWIW I find a bump that just says ‘moved to Ebay’ annoying. They can just edit the title or edit it into their first post. This will tell anyone that happens to find it, without moving it to the top of the classifieds.

  • That ^

  • Sure but he can do that regardless of whether he tells the world it's on ebay or not.

    In the old world people deleted/trashed the threads then stuck their stuff on eBay or Gumtree or Singletrack or YACF or...

    Yes some people would have seen the thread and known what it was about and could technically make an enquiry.

    I'm kinda surprised at the permissiveness of this to be honest - we have an exclusivity rule. It's on here, or its not on here and it's somewhere else. If say for example we take Amey's ad for his Trek it's on here and on eBay. I'm not sure why that's OK now.

  • I'm having trouble trying to place an add please give me some direction or link thanks

  • forums > classified >

    select type of sale
    complete bikes

    top right under search function > post new conversation

  • don't link to an ebay sale or post up something already for sale on another site obvs !

  • Non - bike question. I've got a snowboard for sale on another forum (snowheads). It's kind of niche, doesn't seem sensible to list on a cycle forum, but there are a few snowboarders here. Is it ok to post a note in the snowboarding thread with a link to the snowheads listing?

  • Hello everyone, I'm being trolled on a classified I posted. People are winding me up because I made a comment about being in financial difficulty due to a new born. Making jibes about me selling my child and it's really not funny. How do I report them?

  • Dibs kidneys if willing to split.

    edit - ignore this seems stuff might be sold on gumtree

  • Phone the police, tell them you need to report a code 69 offence.

    That's the code for a serious sense of humour failure.

  • This has made my evening, thanks @spotter @Clockwise ...just what I needed after my journey home in the good ole English weather

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Rules for classifieds

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