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  • I'd delete the thread and ban your sorry arse.

    (I wouldn't, but don't push me... serial offenders will be cruelly mocked.)

  • what about people hi jacking that banned too


    if the classifieds are getting stricter for the seller i think sale hijacks should be banned, and also sale undermining (when people slate your prices etc).

    but it's fair enough if someone is trying to charge 75 quid for some allen keys or something.

  • 75 quid for some allen keys or something.

    You told me they were NJS Roo...

  • but it's fair enough if someone is trying to charge 75 quid for some allen keys or something.

    That's why I still like it.

    If I remove all means of the community policing it, I would have to police it. That changes the whole game, from a provider of a communication service I would have to become a broker for consumer to consumer sales... very thin ice that.

    I very much prefer you all police yourself and call people out when necessary.

    Saying that X is a rip-off because Y is cheaper over there... seems perfectly valid to me.

    Though undercutting would not, but I'm not sure how to express that and would hope you police it yourself by calling such people cunts.

  • What about ideological polemics? Is Fascism banned?

  • so really, what's being said here is that its the end of the BMP Party on here

  • what the hell is bumping?

  • what the hell is bumping?


    Got it?

  • oh yeah

  • So, I'm going to have to pay people to ask stupid question in my threads now.. good idea for boosting the nation's economy :)

  • I'm in, how much you paying then? If I did it as well, and you paid me more than I paid you I could be in profit, but then you'd think that was a dead loss, and maybe no-one would profit,then we'd gang up on no-one, and he'd leave, making another loss, sorry I've lost the plot.

    What was it you said?

  • Hi I am new, do people tend to like lots of photos or just a couple when making sales?

  • People tend to like them, however it depends on the item. We all know what a Chris King headset looks like so just one or two for something like that to show colour and quality. But on a full bike then obviously a lot more.

    There's a maximum of 10 photos per post, and it's easier for all users if you attach them on here as that will generate thumbnails and not cause a heavy download for those on iPhones and the like.

  • I think we need more information regarding the ebay linking, such as if the seller could not sell his item or such for a while (like a week), he is allowed to post an ebay link to his auction?

  • If he's not sold it here, then this market didn't want it, in which case... why allow a link even then? Just a mention of "I've put it on eBay now" is enough to let people go find it without creating an ambiguity in the rules that would lead people not to understand the when and where.

  • kk

  • seems straight forward, probably banned in a week. :)

  • There have been a lot of 'fishing trips' recently, nobody really seems to mind though..?

  • Report them and they'll get nuked. Unreported means I haven't paid any attention to it.

  • hi
    anyone there???

  • hi
    anyone there???


    What's up?

  • So we have rules, and they do us OK.

    But I think it would be good to collate or somehow document the unwritten etiquette of the LFGSS classifieds.

    Here's where I think we are on PayPal "gifts":

    If we were to build a serious FAQ on classifieds and the etiquette around them, what would it contain and look like?

    For starters:

    Q: I'm paying by PayPal and the seller has asked me to "gift" the payment, should I?

    A: It's entirely up to you.

    I would say that if you have any concern and want to be covered by paypal resolution stuff then you should always "Pay for Goods".

    If, and only if, you are willing to accept the risk of losing your money... then you could consider gifting it. If you gift it, realise you're now operating on honour... you're expecting the seller to effectively gift you the item. See the predicament there? I hope you know and trust the seller.

    Who should pay the fees? Well this is not eBay, and a lot of transactions take place down the pub or are quick "meet after work" and exchange cash. So default is cash and offline, in person.

    As such, the price agreed is what the seller reasonably expects. If you both agree to make the transaction online and involve postage, then just like the buyer covers the postage and packing my personal opinion is that the buyer should accept the PayPal fees too. In fact you are probably getting it cheaper here because on eBay the sellers factor in these cost and just charge more by default.

    PayPal fees are 2.9% + 20p. So if the item is £17 then the fees are 2.9% of £17 = 49p + 20p = 69p in fees.

    It's pretty easy to work out.

    Basically it boils down to this: Are you willing to pay 2.9% + 20p to keep the transaction as a transaction and be covered by PayPal's resolution process... or would you rather save yourself that and take the risk?

  • Ignore: need to post 3 x in existing threads!

  • Burn him ^

  • Ignore: need to post 3 x in existing threads!

    You cock.

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Rules for classifieds

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