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    This site is big, to give you an idea how big let me put it into numbers.

    In cold statistical facts we have:

    • Almost 10,000 registered members
    • Over 6,000 regularly active members
    • Over 770,000 posts
    • Over 220,000 indexed pages in Google
    • Over 3,500,000 page views per month

    In softer facts and figures we have:

    Considering all of this is just for London, and is a niche of cycling even then (the whole fixed-gear and single-speed slant)... this site is huge.

    How does this all look in pictures:

    This site is so big it's silly. The community so strong it's nuts. And to make it even funnier, we're still growing faster today than yesterday and as a group of people we are doing more for cycling and bike sport in London than ever (track, polo, events, social rides, memorials, ghost bikes, lobbying, etc).

    And all of this has given us a problem that is lovely to have... the site has grown out of basic (cheap) web hosting and now requires 2 servers. And if this growth is sustained (and there's no reason to say it won't be) then by the end of summer we'll have 3 servers. This infrastructure costs, as do the time and energy to maintain it all.

    London Fixed-gear and Single-speed is an independent and privately owned and operated entity (a single person in reality) currently supported by:

    • Google AdSense adverts for guests (20%*)
    • The generosity of its members who donate and organise fund-raisers (30%*)
    • Selling merchandise (50%*)


    As the owner and admin, I am seeking a high quality sole sponsor for the site for a 12 month period.

    The sponsor would receive the banner space that is currently shown to guests on LFGSS and all non-donors, and would also receive tasteful integration into parts of the site design (the header for example). The equivalent eCPM value of this offering over the 12 month period is substantial as the header space gives you presence on all 3.2m page views per month to some degree.

    However beyond just the presence on the site, the sponsor would also be given the opportunity to have first-option on the provision of prizes and marketing material for any official competitions and events that LFGSS runs as well as the relationship to the forum that would create.

    If you are interested in becoming the sole sponsor of LFGSS then please contact me at david@londonfgss.com

    This is a unique opportunity for your company to increase awareness of your products and services to a large, passionate cycling market within London and the UK. It has the added benefit that the forums large search engine index also allows you to increase the global awareness of your brand.


    David Kitchen
    Owner and administrator of London Fixed-gear and Single-speed.

    • Percentages of funding sources are approximations only based on the last year rather than an analysis of all funding over the past 2 years.

LFGSS is looking for a sponsor

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