Beers and sessioning

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  • Why dont we have a drinks night? or do we? maybe im too baked to check.
    Anyway any suggestions?


    preference for night?

    short street ride before/after?

    sleep over for ricksta?

  • I'd be up for this. Especially the street ride.

    Maybe somewhere with a beer garden?

  • Yeah, we had one or two earlier in the year - just free time though innit. I vote Cluny - that place is made for it.

  • Im up for this fancy sometime next week??

  • yeah I could go for that. Depends a bit on the weather.

  • Yep. All sounds good to me, too true Hammatt Cluny is crying out for it on those summer nights!

  • me sheep and paulie had a couple of pints there today after riding to the beach and back. im still recovering from nettle stings after paul persuaded me to ride a off road hill through trees in heaton park. didnt make the turn onto the path and ended up down a big netted covered hill in a tree!

  • tomorrow anyone? (depending on weather)

  • After a fairly spectacular spill on the way to the Cluny last night, I'm off bikes. And bars - they ain't nothing but trouble. Now where can I find a gardening forum...

  • you're doing it wrong. you get up from the wreck and hobble down to the bar to recount the glorious wreck until someone buys you a drink.

  • beer gardening forum? was there much damage, any blood? I'm thinking just a slow short ride or something

  • im working friday night (for the last time thankfuly) but if people do anything i can go after work at 9

  • Well I did hobble down to the pub and attempted to watch the band but was feeling too grim to do anything. I'd love to say I shrugged it off but that would be lying. Managed to crash (into apparently nothing) at best part of full speed on a straight dry road - went over the handle bars and lost skin on hand, elbows, knee, shoulder and have two eggs on the side of my head. Shame no-one was filming, probably would have looked quite cool in slo-mo. To be fair, Gav did buy me a drink and rolled me a cigarette for my troubles.

  • That sounds nasty! What did you crash into?

  • No idea, it's a bit of a blur, I remember my head hitting the tarmac but not a lot else

  • shit sounds nasty hope your ok fella

  • p.s. want to buy a helmet? firry dorra?

  • p.s. want to buy a helmet? firry dorra?

    crash profiteering???

    -heal soon.

  • The only thing that could have saved me is a massive yellow Cinelli stem. If I'd had one of them, I'd have been too embarrassed to ride my bike and none of this would ever have happened. Anyone know where I can get one?

  • haha alis bazarr

    helmet firry dorra
    yellow cinelli stem firry dorra

    bonus combo deal- both for 150 dorra

  • you wan cinelli stem? how much did u pay for urs again?

  • God, I miss so much on this forum.

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Beers and sessioning

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