Marty McFly in Back to the Future stylin

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  • It's something i have always wanted to do but have never actually had the nerve to but has anyone ever caught a lift off the back of a passing pickup/white van/bus/convertible like Michael J Fox in Back to the Future?

    The temptation is always there especially when the legs are tiring but apart from it being dangerous i bet the amount of abuse you would get from the average white van man is pretty high!

    Anyone got any good stories?

  • its how i roll.
    oxfords easy for it, loads of buses, one road, medium average speed.
    i don't do it without brakes though, as the one time i did it i narrowly a face full of bus arse.

  • Skitching.

    Fun until somebody gets hurt.

  • ^ someone is a wire addict.

    My mate used to give me a pull up the hill on his escort. On the way back from University back in the day. Won't do it now, too many close calls.

  • Tried it on the back of a builders truck. Failed.
    Best not to do it on the middle lane of 3 lanes of traffic... on the A406.
    Ma bad.

  • The old route master buses where the best for this

  • In central london the traffic never moves that fast. Blackfriars bridge and bishopsgate are my two daily favourites if I'm super tired on the way back from work. Mail vans have a big inset cut out on the side, and indicators on buses are good too. Nothing to get caught on if you need to disengage quickly. My mate does it on cars with spoilers but I always think it's going to rip off.

  • Ric got some wicked helmet cam video footage of him skitching some massive coach last night, in addition to all of us generally playing about in traffic, trix, random stuff, and me racing off to have a little blast with some dude on a bob Jackson down Clerkenwell road :p

  • A friend's cousin tried it once. I can't remember what he broke, but I know that it was pretty nasty.

  • I do it quite a bit - but only to 'get going' - I don't/can't hang on for long (5 seconds or so).

  • I always overbalance trying to do this, plus if your wheel hits the car/bus in question, you will be hitting the deck at fucking SPEED. I skitch my mates on my motorbike all the time when they're skating, it's good fun.

  • oh this is about skitching.
    fuck that for a redesigned packet of sherbert fountains.
    I thought we were talking about close quarter slipstreaming, so you still supply the leg power, thouhg its made far easier.

  • Apparently, the reason why Marty McFly wore a red body warmer was because on the first day of filming that Michael J Fox was brought in (there was another actor initially), they were filming the scenes in the mall car park and it was freezing cold. It then became a standard part of his look.

  • I thought this was going to be a thread about hoverboards. I have one for sale.

  • goes along with all the other messenger tricks, if youre riding the same hill five times as day it gets to be habitual, even to the point of waiting at the bottom for the right sort of truck/pick up to get a lift off, not that i ever do anything like that, ever

  • I used to hang onto the back of gravel-carrying lorries up a big hill out of Whitstable on my way to uni in Canterbury. If you hold on in the middle at the back, the driver can't see you but the lorries were usually pretty skanky.

  • I thought this was going to be a thread about hoverboards. I have one for sale.

    I'm interested. Is it NJS?

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Marty McFly in Back to the Future stylin

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