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  • Just discovered this place, no shop sign, just a piece of paper in the window with "bespoke bikes" written on it!

    Rob's a nice bloke, seems to specialise in vintage British, check below....

    Ony halfway setup for business yet, but said I'd give him a mention.

    This guy is a customer! and this is his bike in for a tune up:

    yes. it's fixed!

    address: 74 Mountgrove Road, Finsbury Park.

    I have his phone number if anyone wants to talk to him....PM me.

  • cool...i like bikes.

  • Rob's a nice bloke

    is it a guy called rob? i recognize that blue/cream racer.

    I'd say so ;]

  • oh man I hope I can saunter in to a bike shop one day with a photo of me 50 or 60 years ago, riding the same (or similar) bike. He has a well cool haircut too!

  • any otp?

  • When I was fifteen (1980) my grandfather gave me a similar bike, in the same condition more or less. I rode it for a year with no clips then bought a moped. I think I left it in the garage when I left home and never saw it again. Damn.

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  • :(

  • is the place actually open?

  • Yes - I've been watching it slowly appear, from a sheet in the window and a note that says 'bike shop' :-)

  • i might pop round tommorrow, im just round the corner.

  • Rob's Bikes opened recently on Montgrove Road near Clissold Park. Rob specialises in vintage steel. Walk into the shop and admire his ace collection of vintage frames that he'll build to your specs.

    Notice the faint smell of pastice, the french radio in the background and the curled pictures of classic racers on the wall. Walk in and he'll ask you "what decade bike do you want". I suspect that you won't get anything after the 90's and nothing that isn't made of steel.

  • Sounds great, do you work there per chance? Do you have a moustache per chance?

  • mais non!
    Just live local. Just bought a vintage 70's Claude Butler. Ya gotta support the local bike shop in this era of mcbike shops

  • We passed there the other week. I think it's the first time Anna has ever said oooh, that's a nice bike shop. When I was in there, he had a 1930s road/path frame in for restoration.

    It's not often that I see some kind of pedalised machinery that I haven't seen before, but that was definitely something new to me!

  • Rob is a really nice geezer, met him at his studio surrounded by vintage bikes.....Good luck with the shop.....

  • I'll be there next time I'm in the area :)

  • He is a sweet bloke, happy to sit around chattinng about bike stuff. he also is open quite late so if you're in need of an emergency vintage bike at 8 in the evening you know where to go...and bring him a bottle of pernod.

  • if it's that good, put it on the map

  • Done ! Rob's Bikes is on the map now

  • Yeah, bumped into him too, he's a nice man and if vintage is your thing its pure bike porn in there.

  • where is montgrove road? doesn't pop up on google maps-is it a spelling mistake

  • ooo thats where i saw the rory o'brien frame, yea that guy is wicked well nice. and i didnt get the frame so its up for grabs now!!!

  • where is montgrove road? doesn't pop up on google maps-is it a spelling mistake

    Yeah - Mountgrove Road is what you need

  • this was flagged up a while back...Rob seems like a nice bloke, nice bikes too:­l

  • This shop is great! A refreshing change.
    It's now my new LBS and I'm chuffed to bits.
    They just fixed up my rear wheel in a flash.
    I really hope they stick around.
    Some amazing bikes in there too...

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Sargent and Co

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