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  • interesting, what did you feel the main differences were when riding the Ti then the Steel bike?

  • It's hard to explain, but the ti frame felt kind of insubstantial ... a bit like it wasn't proper metal. It was wonderfully light and nimble, but as soon as I had a go with the steel bike, which is pretty much the same layout, I felt like I was at home. The frame was wonderfully stiff, yet a smooth ride, and even though their test bike wasn't my size in either cases, what transpired was that it'll be a fantastic ride.
    Weight wise the difference is probably around 300g - 400g, something that on a touring bike I am not too worried about really.
    The price difference between a ti frame and a steel one makes for a nice upgrade from 105 to ultegra.

    Those bikes have a wonderful finish. The way they are brazed is fantastic, they got nice details around the BB and other places. Fine craftsmanship, with a very modern look and feel to it, and a bit of a step away from the traditional lugged touring frame that I had in mind originally.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the pain I have to go through to justify this pretty extravagant expense. Next year January, when I come back from Oz, I'll get the frame and do the first long ride from the workshop back home.

    My g/f thinks I am crazy, that's for sure. But I am not alone, as I discovered during my pre-visit research:

    Dear Agony Aunt,
    My wife has suddenly stopped questioning my need to go out on my bike at every opportunity and let me watch the Tour de France on the telly without nagging. She even let my forgetting our wedding anniversary (again) go by without much more than a passing mention. Do you think she's: a) mellowed and finally accepted that I need to have my hobby and 'alone time', b) planning a DIY extravaganza for me and is softening me up, c) seeing another man or d) planning to top me for the life insurance?
    Yours faithfully,

  • just my 2p for colours - what about cream?

    Also BRG would look good.

  • maybe I get an exact copy of the langster paintjob done ... so people get a bit confused :p

    Seriously though, I am in doubt over brg, as there's a carbon for and seatpost involved, and brg only shines with leather stuff.

    Thought about dark red or dark blue ....

  • what your favourite colour?

    do you like either pastel, vivid, or dark colour?

    after you've narrow it down, throw it away and leave the frame naked.

  • I think it's gonna be darkish ... either a dark blue, british racing green or a dark, earthy red.

  • Burnt orange? Petrol blue? Brown? Maybe brown with a bright contrast colour?

  • Made my choice: Pantone 2766C

  • mercian custom for me!

  • Just found this Parlee, custom made... and it is buggering me, in terms of what it is "supposed" to be a 'normal' riding position, how can this be right..?
    Note: The "two things noteworthy" vvv down there are absolutely irrelevant to anything BTW.

    [KGS / Parlee Z1 with Di 2, Spencer

    Spencer is an orthopedic surgeon who came here to specifically commission a bicycle that would fit.
    We always love working with people like Spencer as he knows anatomy and has a technical mind.
    This means we have a great time discovering the true cycling position as he is very aware of the
    inner workings of the human body. This bike is a great example of how different a true custom
    bicycle can appear compared to production bikes. Two things are noteworthy. 1) The first
    comment he stated was, "I had no idea a bike was capable of feeling this good." 2) His power
    was significantly improved, much to the chagrin of his riding buddies!

    The custom Parlee frame was designed around Spencer's position and then we added
    Shimano Di 2 electric components, Topolino VTR4.0 wheels and ENVE bars, seatpost and stem.
    Spencer chose an Adamo saddle.

    All KGS custom bicycles are designed around the exact positions of the owners.
    We use the proprietary KGS Bikes BalancePoint™ positioning system to find
    the owners' position independent of any existing bike.

  • Layback post and tiny stem?

  • If it work for him, then it work.

    tiny stem is possibly a result of avoiding toe overlap and the limited choice of rake in modern carbon fork.

  • why the dredge?

  • IMHO: it may work for him but this bike is worse than ugly. And the riding position: the handlebars are level with the saddle. It might be justified only if this guy has all its vertebrae fused together. Cannot be called a racing bike; Orthopaedic bike, perhaps

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Custom Road / Touring bike

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