My fucking eyes

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  • So many fluffy tree jizz outside my window. Looks like it's snowing! FFS.

  • Warning on the news about Plane trees... Here we go again. Best don my goggles when I'm back in London's famous London again then.

  • Getting the plane tree cough these days is not a good look.

  • Absolutely unreal yesterday with the wind. Had tickle in my throat for about 4 hours after getting home.

  • Yesterday was brutal - and I don’t have hay fever or any allergies. Good luck to those who do. 😬

  • With the wind today... Jeez.
    Even with quite big cycling sunnies on, my eyes burn

  • I wanted to rip my eyes out yesterday.

  • Yesterday was the worst day of pissing eyes I've ever had in the 15 years since I've had hayfever. So much fluid oozing from my eyes it felt like my body was trying to self lubricate my eyes from their sockets.

    Did actually wonder if its possible to dehydrate yourself to death from constant day long eye leakage. Cycling felt dangerous like I was cycling through heavy rain, was unable to see details in road surface despite glorious all day sun. My eyes were so red it looked like I'd spent the day on the bong with Cheech & Chong.

    I've never bothered or really considered it bad enough to take any kind of medication for, but yesterday was the first time I've thought fuck this, that was way beyond mildly irritating, it made one of the nicest days of the year so far a nightmare, I'd have taken anything yesterday.

  • Ive discovered allergy Eye mist from boots. A little bit of instant relief. Well worth it.

  • Thanks for the tip, I've just ordered some online so will see how I get on. I'm off cycling in the pollen rich countryside next week for only the 2nd time in 2 years, so anything to help with seeing where I'm going and making the experience less like suffering, I'm all for. I haven't cycled up any proper steep hills in 2 years either so I'll be suffering enough as it is.

  • Had this that bad about 5 years ago, was akin to what I imagine if someone just blew chili powder into your face.

    I think sometimes you just get bad timing in a certain place, every plant/tree is dropping its load right into your eyes and its to much.

    Have heard of a few folk this last week getting hit with it, that have never in their life suffered before, our dog included! Poor thing struggled for a few daya before been given ok from vet on what anti histamine to take

  • Trees doing some shit today

  • I had to have a nap for two hours this afternoon. I'm not sure if I should put this down to recovering from covid, or hay fever, or both. Pretty embarrassing having to clock off at 2pm feeling like death again though.

  • The plane trees on Park Lane were literally snowing this morning. Shared a look of despair with someone similarly afflicted at Marble Arch lights.

  • Yup. Trees at home doing the same. Stopped at Boots Kings Cross on the way home on Monday - absolutely no hayfever medication left.

  • Radio said there’s a shortage of allergy medication at the moment :/
    Doesn’t help the eyes but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - milk(or non-dairy alt) definitely helps with the sore throat and gackiness of a day climbing/chipping Plane trees. It’s not a guarantee and you cough up some proper grim stuff at the end of the day but used to make the day bearable.
    I used to wear flexible Bollè safety specs with a rubber gasket in a vague attempt to protect my eyes.

  • Thank fuck it's just rained - should keep it down for the way home.

  • Is the theory that the fat soaks up any pollen in the mouth?
    If so, I'm carrying a tub of lard with me everywhere!

  • Excellent advice, which I haven't picked up until now - will certainly be following from now on. Ta very much.

  • Based on this thread being top of the pops, and the fact I’m about two weeks behind London in the season I’m going to start pumping myself full of meds….

  • Few tips I've found help for me :

    1- pour water up your nose. It's uncomfortable but washes everything out. (Or use a pressure spray like sterimar).

    2- vaseline inside your nostrils can stop pollen going up.

  • Holy shit, my eyes have been torn a new one the last couple of days. If you spot someone swerving all over the road on an Urban Arrow, stay out of my way, I can't see shit.

  • Honestly I couldn’t tell you, was just advice from the old heads when I joined the industry. It was a cycle of ‘drink milk, work for a couple of hours, cough/spit your guts up, then repeat’ it was the difference between being able to work(just) and it be completely unbearable. It kinda feels like you line your throat and when it’s saturated with pollen you just have to gack it all up and start over.
    I used to wear a painters mask when it was really bad but then you struggle as your airflow is restricted.

    Basically planes are just cunts.

  • Fucking tell me about it!
    That and the coughing fits when they get stuck in your throat. I almost threw up two days ago from coughing so hard. 😭

  • I have a feeling if you ever took my eyeballs out and looked behind them, it'd be like when you pull the couch away from the wall for the first time in months and look next to the skirting board!

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My fucking eyes

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