My fucking eyes

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  • Rip your eyes out.

  • Fuuuuu. I have been to that museum.

  • Tree jizz like snowdrifts outside my front door. Fuckssake.....

  • Fucking owwww

  • Dug out the drugs for the last couple of days. Don't know if they help but I just love popping pills. mmm old man pill box... so many colours just so I don't die... mmm

  • bit polleny out.

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  • Oh dear god my eyes. The day i forget to pop a pill too!!

  • have taken two. they do nothing.

  • That's actually made me feel better

  • Roadsweeper in victoria park this morning kicking up mountains of curb pollen absolutely done me.

  • Oh joy its that time of year again, itchy streaming eyes and repeated coughing like a cat with a hair ball. This year because of Corona I'm getting extra paranoid looks from people. I almost felt I had to shout out, "relax, its the trees" (I've had Corona 6 weeks ago so its defo not that).

  • Today was fucking horrible even with sunglasses on! Sort your shit out, nature

  • 4 years ago • #278
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    its started again

    Four years ago... Hard to imagine this... A time when we had no idea about coronavirus...
    Now I cant decide if its hay-fever or a pandemic virus destined to wipe us out.

  • Yesterday was brutal for me... Red Piss holes in the snow.

  • plane trees doing their thing at the minute
    lots of jagged pollen around

  • Yeah. Pretty savage today.

  • and bugs. Flying bugs. Everywhere. In my eyes.

  • Fucking dying right now...

  • Dry cough too....

    Is it hot? Why it so hot? Why's it so hot... Is it hot?! I can't breathe...

  • Felt like my eyeballs had been sand blasted today. Then when that was done re finished in flies going over Hackney marshes.

    ^ oh and also the hot

  • I've never had hayfever and asthma so bad. It was alot better (as was traffic) after sunset so really enjoyed the night time return leg of my trip, and would recommend trying a night ride for the improved air quality. Otherwise dying

  • I have recently used vaseline around my eyes straight after a shower.
    Even a discreet thin layer makes a world of difference.

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My fucking eyes

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