My fucking eyes

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  • I got some sex-wee in my eyes by clapham common this morning... (I'm not going to make any obvious jokes...) it hurt and was slightly scary (must... not... make... obvious... jokes) being between two lines of moving traffic while basically blind...

  • I wondered what that shit was.. tree sex wee.. I think I preferred not knowing..

  • HTFU!

    Uh, am I an official londonfgsser now?

  • Ha! Beat me too it Ed, I was fucked today and spent most of the day riding half blind or hawking up hair ridden spit from my throat, not fun :(

  • I got it pretty bad today too... rode blind every 5 min, looked like i was crying most of the time... god the horror!

  • Ha! Beat me too it Ed, I was fucked today and spent most of the day riding half blind or hawking up hair ridden spit from my throat, not fun :(

    +1 Was going to start this thread as well. FUCKING SHARDS OF GLASS in me peepers coming up constitution hill.


    Tough as anything, interchangeable lenses (come with smoke and clear, others available), seal against your face and can be used as glasses or goggles. Can't recommend 'em enough. Course, I forgot to bring the buggers with me today. Gah!

  • plane trees are a right royal pain..There is not a lot that you can do to stop it from getting in every nook and cranny on your body.Best thing to do is not to rub it as the particles get smaller,then go into your pores in skin,try and blow it off you.when you get home COLD bath as your skin pores dont open up as much so the annoying bits dont go further into you.
    As for the eyes i have found nothing that works apart from irrigation of eyes.
    glasses which wrap round tend to steam up with me rather quick.
    just be happy your not climbing and pruning the dam things.Am typing this looking through my rather sore eyes!!!lol
    @ least i had a rather noice ride home!!

  • the trees are mating.

  • So glad it wasnt just me, rode to new offices in Southwark today for first time, and the ride back was awful as I could barely keep two hands on the bars most of the time.

  • i'm just glad that there are still trees, in our city

  • Fucking treejizz - I actually glanced-hit a van today after being blinded.

    Seriously contemplating breaking out the ski goggles

  • I use cheap cycling glasses from Decathlon. I'm sure I look like a twat but otherwise after a few days my eyes are as red and puffy as a 12 year old girl at the end of Titanic.

    I did swallow two bugs today, one on Holborn and one by the Tower.

  • fuck trees

  • I got caught by a cigarette flicking punk on saturday, out the back of a mondeo.
    Hit the peak on my skid-lid and smashed into a hundred molten pieces.....
    Scared the sheeeeeeite out of me.

  • That shit is like motherfucking kryptonite to me.

    Appalling state of affairs around Gower St / BM.

    What's worse is one of the fuckers is outside my bedroom window and blows in the room during the night. Dirty green bastard.

  • I almost always ride with some sort of optical defense system, coz even the wind (or when I'm mashing down hills) gets me. My eyes water like crazy. No Brakes + No Eyes = Not For The Win!

  • my eyes will have a baby from a tree

    could've been worse

  • Ed (or anyone else wearing glasses) get a pair of 'Leader prescription sports goggles' from Specsavers. I got mine this time last year and they have saved my eyes plenty of times. I also used them for lab work, DIY and certain bicycle repairs.

  • First May in 17 years I haven't had to put up with the all-day plane tree assault. Stop whining you commuters (except Fester :) ).

  • fuck trees

    I tried to,
    i was quickly stopped

  • I got in this evening and had bits of fucking tree plastered all over my hair, face and jersey, as well as clogging up my eyes and sandpapering my nose and throat.

    Please! Can someone tell me when it will stop?

  • Maybe four days Emilia :(
    Good luck. x

  • I looked at this thread this afternoon and mocked. Now I lie in bed with fucking itchy eyes.

    Theres a lesson in that... somewhere.

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My fucking eyes

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