My fucking eyes

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  • Why today of all a sudden we get million of those tiny dead leaves (whatever that was) blowing all over London inevitably finding their way into my eyes? everytime I managed to brush them off, more still coming!

    worst place for that? Waterloo Bridge.

  • you tell 'em Ed.

  • thats the tree sex blowing about. them poplars are busy shedding all them itchy little dusty fuckers.

  • i have some of these you can borrow if you want.

  • they are strangely attracted to you, ED

  • embankment is terrible for tree sex in your eyes.

  • thats the tree sex blowing about. them poplars are busy shedding all them itchy little dusty fuckers.

    that sex wee from the trees is fucking annoying.

  • oh, and glasses, unless they wrap around seem to enhance the problem. hoops' goggle ftw.

  • my office looks over soho square and it honesty looks like its snowing - but its not its just the tree sex wee

  • Riding down Mayfair was pretty bad too... My glasses did seem to keep the worst of it out of my eyes, but it was an effort not to get any in my mouth... I had to alternate between nose breathing and corner of mouth breathing... I realise now I must ride with my mouth open (I had a fly problem recently too...)

  • They are from plane trees and nothing to do with seedlings.

  • Shit Ed if you lose your sight you are one sense deprivation away from being a mean pin ball player!

  • No worries Greasy, he'll still be able to smell you coming.

    er... that reads bad.

  • It is airborn swine flu particles.

  • Its now transmitted optically.

  • I'm going to start calling my dandruff "hair sex wee".

  • I heard if you fall asleep and dream of any port related products... you are fkd! game over! it's beyond passing by sight, smell and sound.

  • 2 bottles jimjams.. 2 bottles

  • are we talking pints or minatures here?

    and are we talking about what I hope we're not talking about?

  • dandruff, and the bad dandruff at that...

  • Its now transmitted optically.


  • I thought it was only me, or perhaps that because i wear an anti-pollution mask, that it was somehow streamlining flies and other things directly into my eyes.
    Today, on the way to work, i think i had to stop 4 times because of stuff flying into my eyes. When i got to work i had to remove part of a dead fly/knat from my tear-duct.
    I was gonna start a thread about this entitled Flies in me Eyes. Which is much funnier than your title ED, IMO. Anyways, i feels your pain brother.

  • I dunno, 'My fucking eyes' is pretty funny...!

  • I think i'd look like too much of a bellend wearing any sort of eye-protection whilst on my bike. I already wear horrific tracksuit bottoms, a realkly old battered face mask, and the most horrendous red trainers (that i've had since i was 17). Sun Glasses would push it over the edge i think.

  • Yup just got home after a rather optically uncomfortable commute...and I went via the local BMX shop to pick up some brake cable, walked in with eyes streaming, must've looked like a right tit...

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My fucking eyes

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