Printers? Making a photography book

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  • Any printers on here that can give me a good quote? Or can anyone recommend me one?

    I'm looking to make a photography book, non-profit for a charity.

    It would be full colour, and either A5 or 8"x8". Say 200 pages, and a print run of either 200 or 300.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers Ben.

  • Type of binding makes a big difference. Someone made a book of my photos once, it was a few years ago but i'll see if he has any more details...

  • Well going for a balance of something that looks good on coffee table, but people will pay money for so to get max money.

  • what about those ones you download the template and they print/bind however many copies you need? some photographers are using them as portfolios. there's a few companies that do them.
    apple do this with i-photo
    some info here:­06/11/decdigitalphoto.html

  • I have heard Bob's books are quit good.
    not sure about them doing larger runs though.

  • The Blurb POD books are not bad (especially for the money) although its definitely worth spending the extra on the higher quality paper.

  • Alas max page for Bob's books is 120 - not gonna be enough..

  • I am starting to get a bit of photography work and I need to find a trade supplier primarily for frames and albums. I know there are a few pros on here so I'm looking for recommendations. I don't need a huge range, and nothing chintzy - just a selection of smart contemporary wooden and metal frames (think Habitat) and a few plain-ish albums.

    I'm currently using Peak Imaging for printing and I have had one canvas and an acrylic done elsewhere, but I'm open to suggestions for these, too.


  • Anyone? I'm in a hurry to get my website sorted out...

  • I don't know if they do frames, but you might want to try Loxley Colour. Great quality prints.

    *Might be a bit late if you want them for xmas.

  • use there great

  • Blurb are good, defo need the high quality paper.

    Used to use them, but now using Loxely Colour, have had a few quality control issues (their end) but they have sorted it out pronto

  • Ubuyu have some better paper stock and binding options but have a shitty uploading system. You can't upload PDF's, you have to use its own software to make your book.

  • I've used Loxley a fair bit. Less since they moved out of Glasgow city centre though as I can't call round n pick up prints now.
    I'v always had great results from them but other people I know have haven't. There's an option in Roes for them to colour correct and I have always said no to this, I think letting them colour correct is where the problems start to come in.
    Good range of smart contemporary products.

    Blurb seem good too, I have made/sold one book with them and would defo use them again.­265

  • 4 of my friends and I are about to start a project we and want to make it into a book, we want to get some books made then customise them with individual prints on the front cover so being that Blurb ship direct to the customer this isn't an option.
    We'd quite like to maybe order say 100 books, do our thing to them and then sell them through our blogs/sites, small shops etc
    Any suggestions on a printer for such a quantity of books?

  • Whats everyone's opinions now? I've used blurb which was good and also Artifact uprising for some free prints which were okay. I wasn't a fan of their paper though..

    I'm planning on making one for a few trips and also maybe for every year to showcase my favourite/best photos.

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Printers? Making a photography book

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