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  • Me and three friends as off to Poland for a few days.
    I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what to see n do.
    Any knowledge of the art scene, galleries and in what area.
    Any great places to eat and drink?
    Brogue boy

  • The Castle is nice. Visit the dragon down on the riverside.
    For eating and drinking just go to the main square and walk down any of the streets off it until you see something interesting - what we did. There's a coffee museum that has a menu of coffees if that's your thing. We were drinking a bit too so any bars that had pool tables were high on my list.
    Visit the salt mines nearby for half a day. Krakow isn't massive so you can just wander around and check stuff out.

  • there's an amazing award-winning restaurant that specialises in mushrooms. great food and inexpensive.

    i <3 krakow.

    you could also go and see auschwitz (incorrect spelling i'm sure). i decided not to but some think it's an essential place to go to.

  • Go to this restuarant for some good old peasant food. Mmm tasty.­Jadlo-Restaurant

    Pronounced 'Khwopski Yaadwo' ;)

  • I liked Krakow. Apparently you text the dragon next to the river and it breathes fire. It didnt work with the number we found on the net though.

    Go to the big mound outside the city for a cool view.

    Nightlife is good but cant remember where we went or what the places were called... a friend showed us...


  • Spierdaalaaaag!

    head to the old Jewish district on the north side of town, more studenty and less likely to get a pasting from the rounded head ugly small eyed native failed builders, more recently it has got a little rough. locals pissed at western stag do's. but its a stunning city.

    get a map from the tourist place, its a small city, i walked pretty much every where and get on the honey Vodkas. food is all pretty standard to be fair, get a liking for beetroot

  • and get on the honey Vodkas...


  • great cocktail essential!!

  • Krakow is great, went just this past winter, frrrreeeeezzzzziiiiiiing but great, loads of good bars and places to eat off the main square. If you get a chance, go to Aushchwitz, but you need time there. If you do go, go earlier, get a guide and headphones and you will come away with an experiance.
    I found Krakow really cheap, but ultra friendly, loads of nice people who are willing to chat to and help out strangers.

  • Jewish district is called Kazimierz.
    I dont know much about Krakow but if you would like to visit Warsaw let me know. :)

  • Rectified Spirit is the way to go ;o)))) 95%

  • i went with my uni as part of my architecture course in oct '07
    so amazing, basically theres shit loads of underground clubs and one we found that spanned four storeys of some old flats, shisha bars if you like that sort o thing

    theres the salt mines
    the castle
    a japanese museum on the river
    the oceanarium, which is pretty much like any other, but we saw them feed live fish to baby sharks
    i personally didnt go to aushwitz but its recommended that you go to not the main one, but the smaller one, quieter and
    the jewish quarter is cool and full of film locations from "schinlers list"
    theres a small rectangular square, szeroka, with some cool little museums and an amazing jewish restaurant on the corner,
    the kebab shops are not at all like ours but for a pound
    we went to sunday mass at the huge cathedral in the centre which was no bad just for the spectacle
    and we went to some soviet bit in the north called nova hutta but i doubt you'd have much time for it

    basically just wander eat in different places drink in different place and theres a park that runs round the main bit in the city so you'll never get lost, and the people are so friendly, and hold eye contact like no-others,

    kinda want to go back
    have a good one

    NOSTROVIA (cheers in polish)

  • I've been to Krakow for 3 short trips and always enjoyed it and would love to go back again.
    Echo much of the above, def Kazimierz as it's historic/scenic and feels bit quieter than the rest of the city.

    Just sitting in the main sq with a beer is a lovely experience, think that club over 4 floors was called ooba dooba or something!

    Nicest meal i had was in Pod Aniolami, just off the sq, but if you fancy nice pizzas and beers this place is very good pizzeria_cyklop

    Enjoy it

  • Just returned last night
    I've been a quite a few eastern europe cities But Krakow is up there.

    The whole place had such a great atmosphere - apart from the English stag do's - fucking hell, scum, a group of men wearing the identical t-shirts with their nick names on the back-avoid!

    Thanks to all the advice, tried to do everything, only missed out on the salt mines, but there's always google images.

    Thanks again

  • Don't forget Salt Mine - Wieliczka , Go to Zakopane - lovely town i Tatry Mountain ,
    Try to go to National Park which is called Ojcowski Park

  • Wieliczka is definintely worth a visit but Zakopane isn't exactly close if you're only in Krakow for a weekend or something.

  • ^ plastic polski

  • theres a small rectangular square

    Woah! I'm sold.

  • Krakow is great! the only polish city with a true "european vibe" to it wroclaw and tricity are sound too, warsaw sucks big time.

  • ^ plastic polski

    Plastikowy Polak ;o))

  • I was just called out there, wan't I....

  • I was just called out there, wan't I....

    Tak ;o))

  • ^ plastic polski

    I'm Australian, you plastic Mongoloid.

  • When I was at the dragon we tried texting but it didn't work either.

    Keep your eye's peeled for free beer man.

  • krakow is good place, the women are also really hot and will drink you under the table if your paying.

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