Fixed cup removal

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  • hi, i am building my first conversion and am having major problems getting the fixed cup side of the old bottom bracket out. i have used the search, and google but just want to be double sure b4 i go to towm with the hammer to get this thing out. if it is english thread i should be turning the drive side cup clockwise to remove it. as per the park tool website?

    thanks for your help:)

  • Try the Mechanics and Fixing thread.

  • your post belongs here:

  • lol, for some reason i thought i was posting there. got a bit confused when i looked in that section to c if i had any replies and my thread wasnt way to tired it seems :)

  • Looks really weird but just try his improvised tool with the big bolt, worked wonders for me.­html

    Halfway down the page under fixed cups.

  • Tried that and it didn't work. If all else fails take the frame to a local metal workers and ask them to tack a long pipe on to the cup for extra leverage, should only cost a couple of pounds.

  • I wd40'd one for about a month and it eventually came out, the iol had penetrated all the way, maybe soak it in something similar, sorry if you've allready done this.

  • Also try diesel instead of WD40 etc.

  • Hi guys, im new here but theres a policy of not starting threads until i have been here 24hrs and i really cant wait that long. I was hoping someone could look at the pictures i have posted and tell me how to remove the fork. Everything else is out, the wedge and the handlebars and the wheel is only on loose. If someone could help I would be eternally grateful.. Thanks

  • That big nut on the top of the fork; undo it.

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Fixed cup removal

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