Sloe gin, is sweet

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  • Sloe spots were not bountiful. #sadface.jpg

  • Seems so around here also.

  • Isn't it still a bit early yet? I usually get mine end of Oct.

  • I'm not making any this year as have lots still from last year so sloes in Burgess Park are up for grabs. I haven't walked past and had a look at how well they've done this year though. There were loads in Nursery Row Park in Walworth but council trimmed them back this week.

  • Doesn't matter how early/late when the bushes are empty.

  • Early crop out in Bucks. A bit over 1.5kg should do us another decent batch to see us through cold winter evenings.

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  • 2kg picked yesterday, I was on a ride and passed a whole Blackthorn hedge, too good not to stop, so filled my water bottles, top tube bag, jersey pockets etc

    Where do people get their 40-43% gin from? Always used the cheapest I can find, but understand stronger gin is better as the Sloes reduce normal to 25% as they soak.

  • Could really do with a bottle of patxaran - next to impossible to get a decent one in SE Asia.

  • Best deal on 43% ABV gin is Sainsbury's London (used to be called Blackfriars). It's £16 for a 75 cl bottle and the gin buffs love it. Is it 6 o'clock yet?

  • Good call, thanks. Will use that for the next batch. One 2 litre jar of normal and one jar with a chilli in it :)

  • We had some scoped out but seem to have not really come to much. My Grandma and uncle used to make some amazing sloe gin and me and my mum were going to try and recreate the beautiful, cough syrupy goodness.

  • Probably means someone has got there first. Blackthorn is very common in the hedges around here in Berkshire, and across the south east. I look for the easily recognised leaves. Otherwise you can just buy the fruit off ebay if needs.

  • Blackthorn is very common in the hedges around here in Berkshire

    My grandma and uncle living in Shinfield and Arborfield probably helped.

  • If I find a spot with some I'll grab extra & pass on... only want half kilo myself for a 1l batch.

  • The redcurrant gin I made doesn't carry much of the fruit flavour but is sweet & very easy to drink.

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  • Just strained off the 2017 vintage, it was a great year!

    The secret is to use a pure silk stocking.

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  • I passed a good patch this morning, will head back when I've more free time & see what I can get.

  • The Blackthorn that produces the Premier Grand Cru sloes*,
    (as tasted on the 2018 Xmas Lights Ride),
    has produced a novel effect this year.
    Late Summer rain caused the sloes to plump up and split their skins,
    which then healed over!
    (Apologies some combination of updated W10 and updated Firefox prevents uploading of pictures).
    The resultant sloes are (just about) edible, and will be used for Sloe Gin.
    Anyone West? I also have access to many standard, but adequate sloes.

    [* Pips/seeds are ridged, flattened ellipses rather than typical smooth and near (small) egg-shaped].

  • Success, only half a kilo (luck more than judgment) but more to be had with a long grabber or a step ladder. I found a handy stick to get to some of the higher ones.

    Edit. Closer to the m60 than I'd have liked too #heavymetalgin

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  • Still tons in the hedgerows near me around Velolife. @ColinTheBald thats phenominal restraint to wait 2 years to decant! Six litres now up in the loft.

    I also found a huge hedge of wild cherry plums that will try next year. Has anyone come across any wild bullace - slightly larger than a sloe but supposed to be good as well? The cherry plums I came across might be bullace but I am not sure.

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Sloe gin, is sweet

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