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  • Recently received these two, one for me and one for my brother. Commissioned late last year from an amazing maker in Snowdonia (I have two others from his forge). 100% one pair of hands build with sterling silver square pin, nickel silver round pins, ebony and zebroia handles. Hand tooled sheaths too. Last field knife I will ever buy.

    His interpretation of an ESEE 4 in a posh frock. I’m totally stoked with the quality.

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  • They’re steel waste - pretty sure the guy knows what he’s talking about 😂

  • They’re lovely. Do have a link for the forge?
    On second thoughts perhaps not, I do have enough knives!
    That’s proper knife porn though.

  • No link because no site. Steve operates from a stone cottage with a wood fire. It takes a lot of coaxing to get him to build a commission, and you can only give him guidelines. Best knives I own by a country mile came from his hands.

  • Very jealous, close up shots when it arrives please!

  • Will do - should be here in the next few days

  • Inherited this knife. It's sharp enough but the mechanism is mega loose it just slips open with no effort. Is there any way to tighten it?

    Apologies if this is not porn but I didn't see a "regular knife therad"

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  • I will gladly sharpen it for you. PM me dude. Sorry I missed this.

  • Practice. Not every day, but at least once a week, for years in my case. I use a double sided DMT diamond stone for everyday sharpening, I can reach for it and get my regular chef’s knife sharp in a few minutes then down to slicing. A Wickededge would be a faff by comparison, but I totally understand the appeal, and the frustration it removes. When I started sharpening, videos on how to do it were few and far between. I can also remember using the coin under the blade method for judging the angle, which is completely unhelpful. Blades come in different widths. They taper, and they curve towards the point. It’s a problem you have to solve with your perceptions and your body movement, not with coins. Like other forms of mastery, it’s great when you start to get it, but a royal pain before that point.

    With all that said, when I take in knives from friends and neighbours to sharpen, they are often so blunt that even a beginner’s efforts with a stone would yield some improvement, so I always encourage people to try themselves. Just because you can’t slice tissue paper doesn’t mean you have failed.

  • Just because you can’t slice tissue paper doesn’t mean you have failed.

    Everybody has won, and all must have prizes

  • I've fallen down the rabbit hole of militaria auctions. Had a rush of blood to the head last night and put in an autobid for a Spanish commando 'bolo' survival/fighting knife. The auction has started and I'm watching an auctioneer in Lewes dispose of all sorts of tat. Mostly medals and badges. Hoping that someone will outbid me. Nearly all the bidding is from actual people in the auction room.

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  • hope you read the small print on buyers premiums, they can soon rack up and make a "reasonable" bid become excessive.

  • Eek, I won. Hammer price was £85. The total will probably be about £140, what with premiums, delivery and VAT. Which is £140 I should have spent on something more useful. Shopaholism.

  • The suspense is killing me..... Hope it hasn't gone walkies in the post!!!!!

  • Folks are making opinel higonokami hybrid knives with mixed results, copper pipe seems to be the trick.

    Tempted but reckon it'll be a very crude attempt at best.

    Edit: all the images from the Opinel Mods fb group.

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  • Seems odd as not sure that they would be EDC in France, especially as a douk douk knife looks very similar.

  • Does anyone know of a folding cooks knife that has a rounded belly and a heel?

    This is the sort of thing, I especially like that it's light (maybe not enough heel for me though). But I can't spend £250 on it. My budget is probably £150 absolute max.

  • I recently made a small CNC machine and have been looking for ideas to start dabbling with milling copper. This might be the idea I was looking for...thanks. would probably so it out of copper sheet rather than pipe though. I've got some 1mm sheet already.

  • I like this too but only seems to be available in the US

  • Why folding? Compactness?

    Some good non folding camping chef knives out there.

    I have an MSR knife I used when touring and it is perfect. Light and incredibly sharp.­-kitchen-and-utensils/alpine-kitchen-kni­fe/07091.html

    They do a full chef version to.­-kitchen-and-utensils/alpine-chefs-knife­/06924.html

  • Anybody interested in some Hasegawa cutting boards?

    I have 2, very lightly used:

    Hasegawa FSR rubber with wood core 50cm x 30cm - £80
    Hasegawa FSB PE cutting board with wood core 50cm x 30cm - £80

    I've got a Hasegawa cutting board scraper as well, but haven't used it on either of the above yet.

    I love them, but looking to downsize to a smaller ones, they are just a bit too big to fit in my new sink, and dishwasher.

    Cheapest I can see them for is £101 on Burrfection.

  • Not a great pic but only one I’ve taken so far.

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  • oof, that is stunning.

    I think I need to up my kitchen knife game.

  • depends a bit on how much you want it to be like a chef's knife vs a pocket knife. I bought one of these and it's great as an all purpose folding knife:

    more chefy, less rounded belly, cheaper:­f/

  • Great boards. Also would be more expensive at Burrfection too, taxes....

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Knife porn thread

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