Knife porn thread

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  • The Japanese Knife Company in Soho run some good sharpening courses. I can attest to their practical value in terms of improving technique, even as a lifelong sharpener. Not a blade guide in sight, of course.

  • Does grit float?

  • I'm stealing that...

  • It sinks like a stone

  • Just arrived, not sure what the instructions are saying as they're only in Japanese.

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  • As it is a knife, please handle it with care !! ★ When removing the sheath, it is dangerous to pull it out vigorously, so pull it out slowly.

    ★ Do not touch the blade directly.

    ★ Never point the cutting edge at a person or swing it around.

    ★ When you finish using it, be sure to apply oil to prevent rust, wipe the cutting edge well, and cover it with sheath.

    Please clean up. ★ Do not carry it in your pocket.

    ★ Keep out of reach of children. Yoshiharu Knife Co., Ltd. 3-17 Asahigaoka, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture

  • Brilliant, thanks!

  • Lovely. How do you replace the blade?

  • I'm not sure it is designed to be. At £8 I'm guessing it is disposable. The brass is simply folded around so could be prised open and then back though?

  • Ah I see, clever.

  • I need a general sharpening stone of some sort. Mainly for tools.

    What type and grade?

    For my knives I use a alix lansky copy, or for quick outdoor gardening and tool stuff one of those butterfly travel sharpeners.

    I plan to put together a scary sharp setup, but that first requires a safe place to store the glass, so as an interim I just want a general inexpensive double sided stone of some sort.

  • Groomsmen's Higonokamis completed.

    I went with the vice press stamp technique, took a bit of fiddling to get each one right by releasing the vice and repositioning the back end of each stamp so as to sort of come at it from different angles and ensure a good press. I foolishly started with my double barrel named mates one first and you can see it was by far the fiddliest but overall I adopted a sort of wabi-sabi strategy and didn't get too upset over the imperfect alignment.

    I reckon if push comes to shove perfection could be achieved with not too much more effort but I have about a hundred other things to sort out at the moment so they'll do very nicely :)

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  • Oh congrats by the way.

  • What a great idea. Almost makes me want to get married.

  • Here's my collection. I like them all but perhaps the only hardcore porn is the Rockstead in the middle. It's a Sai Tanto-Honzukuri­il.html?id=311&category=knife. The axe is RAF firefighter gear, for rescuing people from burning aircraft. It's been chromed, probably as a retirement gift, but I've put an edge on it anyway. Also a bayonet for a British army SLR. Also a cheap imitation of a Ka-Bar.

    I'm not good at sharpening. I've bought some so-called easy sharpening gadgets, but I reckon I should buy the same stones as JurekB and do the Blenheim Forge course. I particularly want the Rockstead to be as sharp as it was when new, when I shaved with it, dry. Not a good idea, but if I shaved wet I reckon the knife could double as a razor when cycle-camping, saving precious grams! Rockstead offer free sharpening but you have to pay postage to Japan both ways. The day I got it I chipped the blade by cutting along a metal ruler and cackhandedly cutting into said ruler. I was heartbroken. But I made the stropping gadget recommended by Rockstead, bought their recommended polish, and after not too much work the chips had gone.

  • Don't have to get married ;)

  • You know the knives where you click the button and the blade rotates out?

    Has anyone done that with an opinel? I’ve had a look online but can’t find anything.

    Is there a mechanism you could buy or make?

  • That sounds like a flick knife.

  • Yeah but an opinel flick knife.

  • I'm sure it could be done, but the penalty for even owning one is pretty harsh.

  • Well that’s the end of that then

  • I was accompanying a client to court the other morning, we had to go through an airport style checkpoint with a metal detector, emptied my pockets, etc...

    Who knew it was illegal to carry a pen knife in Queensland? Clearly not me... 😳

    The copper told me I'd be ok as long as I explained it was for medical purposes, because first aid, etc... Total bullshit but I'll do a bit of research and give it a go if I think I can pull it off...

    I get anxious if I don't have my space pen and soldier knife with me, I know it's silly...

  • Brillinat gift.

  • Oooof glad the copper was understanding could have been problematic.

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Knife porn thread

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