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  • I wonder if a no. 6 is just too small or if it would actually be a better size than the no.7

    I have a no.6, I use the no.7 more often.

  • In other news I managed to stab my finger on the tip of my no.4 keychain that was in my Jersey pocket and had opened slightly. /csb

  • Thanks. That was the sort of subjective thing I was after.

    You can look at the measurements for a gauge, but a "yeah, it's a bit small" is sometimes much more useful.

    Now to try and see what else I can avoid buying from knivesandtools to rationalise the postage... With winter coming and a Silky is tempting.

  • Can get you one when I'm next in France...

  • Cheers, but I think all told online is easier.

  • Was planning on copying whoever it was who suggested a Silky Zübat blade with a DIY handle.

    There seem to be a whole range of them though with different teeth, lengths, etc.

    Which one would people recommend for general garden pruning?­esults.htm?fq=Silky%20Zubat&sort=Price%2­0-%20Low%20to%20High


  • My voluntary conservation group upgraded from bowsaws to Zubats and haven't looked back.
    We use the
    Silky Zubat 330 7.5 Professional
    with as supplied handle and scabbard.

  • Was tongue in cheek as I have no idea when I'm going back especially with a 2 week quarantine.

  • Cheers.

    Was thinking blade only as its a fair bit cheaper, bring it to "only a tenner more than a laplander" in man-maths. Plus I've got plenty of scrap wood.

  • I think that was me. I ended up with a couple, a straight 12” Gomtaro and a curved 18” Zubat. The straight has finer teeth. I used old oak boards as handles.

  • Looks like your link had 'our' blade as a stand alone item.

  • Help! Wife has requested 'small' knife for birthday, so paring sort of size, function>aesthetics and doesnt have to be expensive. A quick look on knives and tools suggested

    Victorinox Fibrox office knife 12 cm
    Opinel pointy paring knife N°112 or Opinel Parallèle paring knife 8cm N°126 green or similar

    Any other suggestions, budget up to £40 if its 'worth it'

  • What's it for?

  • @sidewinder Robert Herder, made in Solingen, paring knife, carbon steel (not d/w friendly) but unparalleled for the money­robert-herder-paring-knife.htm

  • General cooking prep (we are veggie so I believe knife demands less than for carnivores) we have some bigger chef knives that I use but she spends all her time using a old small serrated knife (well past its best) as likes the smaller blade.

  • Meeting the doesn't have to be expensive criteria, this is the small knife I use most for preparing veggies­ato-knife-110mm/c628

  • Fancier option of a tomato knife as it's a present­egetable-knives/wusthof-gourmet-14cm-tom­ato-knife-wt1025046614/

    Personally I'd get something like this, not quite as small as a pairing knife but more suited to cutting veg­-c1/nakiri-knives-c43/kai-6716n-kai-wasa­bi-black-nakiri-16-5cm-p785/s834

  • 12cm or so blade is a really practical length I find for veggies.
    Small enough to peel, long enough to go through most fruit and veg in one stroke rather than having to work through it.

  • cosign this knife.

  • Fitting the handle and bolster.. The bolster was/is a bit tricky due to the shape of the yakut blade.. it’s flat grind on one side and rounded on the other and the bolster had a pre made hole more suited to a scandi grind blade.
    Either i scrap the bolster wich or just fill the small gaps with epoxy/brass filings.
    Other wise it’s a really fun micro project

  • Some knife buying advice please; I'm after a nice, do-most-things kitchen knife. Japanese style with traditional shape handle (rather than Western style). Judging from the knives I currently use I'd say the Santoku most closely resembles the shape I prefer & use the most. Not fussed about Damascus or hammered finishes though I don't mind them either. I just know nothing about the names of the brands & the metals they're made from are pretty meaningless to me.

    One knife between the 100-200 pound mark would be good (if there's potential to buy other shapes in the same wood/finish that would be a plus), I quite like the look of the below but don't know if it's any good or over priced or anything - any thoughts?
    Or any good standard brands/shops in London worth going to?­toku-multi-purpose/products/products-kic­hiji-nashiji-santoku-knife-165mm-chestnu­t-handle-html

  • If you're spending that sort of money you are much better off going to a shop.

    IME it's a nice experience plus there is a noticeable difference between handle comfort and weight preferences which is totally personal and subjective. A £30 knife will functionally do the same job just as well, so go with what feels good in the hand and pleases the eye rather than getting drawn into BS tech specs.

    Borough Kitchen Cook Shop & Cook School in West Hampstead are really nice and have a good selection(1 Hampstead High St, Hampstead, London NW3 1RG) . The one in Borough had awful customer service when I went, hence recommending the W. Hampstead one.

  • @hugo7 Oh yes, I'm very much a go to the shop and try them all kind of guy. The reason I looked at that Kataba place is because it's right next to my office, so handy. Will be doing a trawl of shops on Saturday, Borough Kitchen shop was on the list but I hate it when you get bad service.

    @Sumo - I think I'd written that place off as Stoke Newington is a trek for me but I see now they've got a shop in Kings cross so they could be an option too thanks.

  • I recently bought one of these
    I can attest that it is f*cking sharp.
    Although it must be dried immediately after use otherwise the business edge of the blade will rust almost instantly.
    I've also got a Yaxell Super Gou chef's knife- which is nowhere near as sharp as this one.
    I guess that's the difference between stainless and carbon steel.

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Knife porn thread

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