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  • This is going to sound a bit know it all, but it isn't.

    How good are his knife sharpening skills? Being able to put a decent edge on a knife is a real skill and very handy in the kitchen.

    Knifes are also very personal in feel and weight for the user. I have these two:­el-parallele-chef-s-knife-20cm-n-118.htm­­el-parallele-santoku-n-119.htm
    Have looked at these two and feel is quite different.­el-les-forges-1890-santoku-17-cm-002287.­htm­el-parallele-chef-s-knife-20cm-n-118.htm­

  • I suspect none existent but when he likes something he gets very into it so I’m thinking some sharpening kit to go with it and I’m sure he’ll do a lot of research and learning on his own.

    Are a couple different grades of sharpening stones the way to go?
    Don’t know anything about this sort of thing myself

  • Pics or it didn't happen

  • Mora Companion might be an option.

    Lots of very bright colours and a bit more useful than a standard pocket knife.­agenta

    You like your purple IIRC

    Moras are great

  • A few forumites have gone on a few of the sharpening courses and rave about them, but then a sharp knife is a joy.

    Sharpening is stones and steel to keep the blade in tip top condition, then a strop. It is like sharpening a straight edge razor. The shave and sharpening are quite a nice ritual.

    On an irrelevant note try and get him to perfect making steamed they are delicious.

    At a guess your friend knows about the chinese/asian cash and carry places like wing yip, hoo hing and Loon Fung.

    EDIT Is your friend in to japanese, Chinese or Thai?

  • Yep

    Mora make knives for quite a few other companies too. I know that Mora make some of the bahco knives, such as the tradesman. Sometimes the other brands prices are higher than the mora.

  • G. Ibberson Handyman in its natural setting.

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  • Also found my sharp thing (it is now) at the back of the shed. I haven't laid eyes on it in 15 years. One day I'll refurb it but for now I'll chop off some little branches on the sweet chestnut.

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  • Got this today, Mora Eldris. Not really a neck knife guy but might give it a go..

  • Recently moved to Shapton stones, great results so far.

    Was fine with just the the orange (1000 coarse) and purple (5000, finishing), but if you can stretch it's also worth while getting something intermediary (~2000 or thereabouts).

    Was told not to really bother with anything much finer than that, but they also do 8k, 12k and 30k stones, etc.

    The boxes are pretty nice in all their colours (but plastic) if you're into that BUT they do double as pretty functional stone holders if you lack that, and they stack so you can keep them on the kitchen top or shelf so anyone who visits will undoubtedly notice what a cool knife guy you are.

  • Where is the bottle being opened?

  • Er have you checked the thread you are posting on ;)

    More importantly, have you used it what is it like.

  • Pr0n? Yeah but since this thread features gardening tools,kitchen knives,stones and opinels i thougt that some plastic would fit in..

    Yes i tried it today, made a fire with the ferro rod that came with it,grilled sausage, made coffee etc.
    It’s a nice little blade, sharp and lies well in the hand..
    I don’t think you need much more for general camp/cooking stuff..

  • That’ll teach me to try and open a nectarine stone

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  • Sorry, re read my comment and it comes across as a bit aggressive, thought the smiley would show the lightheartedness of the comment.

    Think that you are the first person to post that kind of knife, so we (ok I) like feedback...

  • No worries! I just didn’t understand the joke.. 🙂👍

  • Here is my knife haul from france

    The grey plastic knives are unbranded and blunt! The folding knives in the packet are made by Tarrerias Bonjean. Then there is the mushroom knife. The oipnel nomad kit and outdoor knife.

    While the bottom is an electrician knife that was a couple of euros to cut something. It was blunt too.

  • If you're tempted by fixed I got a Hultafors HVK. Orange handle. Very cheap. Good sheath with a belt clip.

    Would definitely stipple the handle a bit like I did here, but just do it all over. I'll try and update the photo.

    Otherwise what about some bright string on a No.8 or 9? Actually the more I think about it, the more I think this is the right move. Especially harvesting.

    Overall, though I think a folder is better. Especially for the uses you listed.

    Edit: they do bright colours.

    Or if you want to keep to the size of a No.8 for a bit more money

  • Farmer Alox arrived today, is nice, I like. Jury is out on whether it can replace the Huntsman as my default choice, but I like the little stabby blade thing, so there's that.

  • Hmmm thanks for all the options guys! I’ve got plenty of folders so a fixed one I can just leave clipped to my overalls is ideal.
    I’m gonna go with the Mora companion in pink. It’s cheap, I can treat it rough if needs be over the winter while building stuff/doing up the site.
    I’ve got a really nice Benchmade Griptillian folder that just needs a really good sharpen and it’ll be perfect for harvesting etc..

  • Here is the window knife display at E. Dehillerin

  • The knife area of La Bovida

  • Machetes that were a gift from the GF dad
    One is a Martindale, Birmingham knife company.

  • Current state of my HVK.

    Also keep a cheap aliX butterfly-style sharpener in the garden shed.

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  • After the Opinel posts above I started hankering after a No. 8 to mod. Then I remembered that I still haven't made any more progress on my No. 12 mod.

    I needed to do something a bit more creative and manual than sitting at a laptop and doing laundry so took a long lunch and just cracked on with the dremel, saws and files.

    Chopped the bottom off:

    Hacked the blade up a bit:

    Filed the handle down to make it slimmer and tidied it up a bit and this is where we are:

    Why bother? Blade thickness:

    (I'll try and tidy the post later)

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Knife porn thread

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