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  • time's sure have changed.

    Post-financial crash folk can't afford to drop a tonne on groomsmen gifts.

  • Also I can't recall every reading a follow-up Internet post a year or two down the line praising them.

    That's sort of what I was after...

    I just think they're a very nice simple, minimalist design. Also as lovely as they are any time I've owned an Opinel I've found the pointiness of the blade a bit of a nuisance for me and I've always preferred a much straighter blade on any knife I've owned.

  • Gerber Pocket Square


    Gerber Jukebox

    ...are both really quite nice too and not silly money! I usually associate Gerber with being very utility (either pure workhorses or the sort of knife people who have pictures of assault rifles on their wall are into) but these two are lovely!

  • Personally something a bit more "timeless" similar to an Opinel or anything else really simple like that would be my go to for a gift like that. As nice as those both are, they're both quite modern looking and I don't know how well they'll age. I'd want to get something that'll still be getting used regularly in 20/30/50 years because it's a classic design.
    Disclaimer: I haven't got a fucking clue what I'm talking about, just speaking from a personal aesthetic perspective.

  • That is a good point. I might order myself a Higonokami for research purposes and see how it is compared to an Opinel!

  • Ah yes, it'd be rude not to for research purposes! What about something really simple and classic like a standard lamb foot type thing? I've got one that was my dad's and it's aged really nicely as well.

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  • Get where you're coming from with the blade shape. I'd rather it was a drop point, but I don't find it too troublesome. Good for saucisson and cutting mistletoe out of trees.

    Overall though there is something wonderfully classic, comfortable and utilitarian about them. Savoir faire if you will.

    Something like ltc's post is nice. Wasn't there somewhere in Sheffield that was being astroturfed a while back?

  • These knives aren’t to pricy and are excellent quality. I’ve got a couple for people as gifts, and I got the little Ettrick one for my own use.

  • Did you mean to reply to someone else?

  • I'm with @aggi on this, I bought one of these for my son for his evening job in a Thai restaurant. I had a suspicion he'd probably lose it, he has previous for all sorts of things. It wasn't expensive and so I got the handle engraved as part of the deal. More unusual than a SAK or an Opinel and useful to boot.­er-laguiole-corkscrew/10825-3528-double-­lever-corkscrew-n2-with-case-exotic-wood­-handle-3700562717596.html#/1104-gravure­newps-no_engraving

  • Meant to reply to you about the question of the stones on the lynsky set. The link to the forum I put up giving details of the differing mounts is probably best to ask the questions about flattening the stones.

    As I metioned earlier some by the chinese kit and then replace the stones for the proper lynsky ones.

  • That is nice.

    I bought this:­-444050-Couteau-Inoxydable/dp/B019Q9SMDC­ not from Amazon and the knife is pretty pointless for cutting cheese or salami as the slit in the knife means that the knife doesn't cut cleanly.

  • Snap, although the fit and finish of them these days is not great. Recently bought as my garden knife.

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  • Farmer X

  • Needs corkscrew.

    Forester is where it's at.

  • I have a sportsman SAK
    The corkscrew is the only part that doesn't get used.

  • I actually just googled "lambfoot knife" and that was the first image that came up. This is mine. Seems like there's a few manufacturers with wildly different prices, I couldn't tell you who made mind though!

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  • How on earth do you open your wine? The corkscrew is the only reason to own a SAK.

  • The finest wines come in a box, or at least a screwtop bottle.

    Emergencies, i would use a shoe

  • You are so uncouth.

    Box au vin are for festivals only as when box is empty you can remove the inner, inflate and use it as a pillow.

  • Have ordered a chinese copy lansky and will order a few lansky stones and you can compare if you want.

  • remove the inner, inflate, INHALE vapour and then and use it as a pillow.


  • Currently lusting after this James Brand Ellis:

    On point.

  • Birthday present to myself!

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  • You are the grim reaper AICMFP.

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Knife porn thread

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