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  • New Ahti Juhla puukko. (Gift to my son.)


  • I've spent quite a while watching youtube videos and practicing with whetstones, which achieved fairly average results. 15 minutes with a Lansky system got better results.

    So i'd say get a Lansky or similar, and maybe a fine stone as well.

  • Yep, exactly that.

  • (Gift to my son.)


    How old is he?!

  • How much of a pain is the Lansky to use on larger chef's knives?

  • I did the big Henckels chef's knife pictured upthread with it - it wasn't overly difficult; I did half a side at a time so it involved re-clamping the knife 4 times in total.

    The Edgepro system looks better in this regard as you don't have to clamp the knife or hold the clamp either - but it's 5x the cost:­-pro-apex-3-sharpening-system.htm

  • See my link to make sure you get the latest clamp as lansky changed the design a few times as some users didn't clamp their knives properly.

  • He’s 25 now. But i think he and his brother got their first knives at around 6-7.. Mora classic scout, good starter knife..

  • I'm thinking of ordering the aliepress copy clamp and then getting buying two of the proper stones. Few have ordered the lansky aliexpress copy, (someone up thread and can't remember if it was @Soul or not)

  • Not me.

    Do need a sharpening setup though.

  • This is what a 200 grit stone is for. I’ve taken out nicks an eighth of an inch deep.

  • Sorry for some reason I'm confusing you with @hugo7. Sorry

    @Sharkstar is that with whetstones? Do you have to regrind the edge profile (i think its called) between the spine and the edge. Have only used commercial kitchen grinders to repair damage in the past, and not been able to get the knife edge.

    Have found a video from blenhiem forge about knife sharpening

  • I bought two AliExpress ones. One for me, one for my folks.

    Originally I'd planned to replace the stones with the real ones, but honestly they're fine. How ever many years later idk if I'd even bother getting real stones when these wear out.

    Also, once you've been through all your knifes and sharpened them I don't find it gets much use. It's really just a case of topping them up now and the - say once or twice a year. I find it makes more sense to use a steel for the times in between then.

  • I'd say from my experience it's a bit awkward using the Lansky on small knives, I'm not sure it would work well for the Gerber

  • The only big knives I have are three Henckels chef's knives, so that's good enough for me...

  • Yes, with whetstones. It took about 40 minutes, including going down through the grits at the end to get it sharp. You have to work most of the edge to keep the profile, as you say. The nick was in a large German butchers' block knife with a plastic handle, though I have taken out many smaller nicks from Japanese steel.

  • Just found out that knocking a whetstone off a workbench on to a concrete floor, breaks it.

    But I did find my cheap diamond sharpening stones so should I use them?

  • Doh. That's annoying!

  • Very as the knives are still blunt, wasn't an expensive stone.

    Might just buy another one from the asian cash and carry.

  • My kitchen blades. Nothing special really but they work hard. Must treat myself one day.
    I use the Lansky system about once a year and two hones in between - ribbed steel as a daily and diamond to top them up occasionally (in theory the diamond removes metal).
    They’re generally sharp as fuck.

    From top

    1. Antique Thomas Turner No.1 cleaver. Ornament really. I don’t really have a solid enough surface (or wipeable walls) to to give this full beans, but it looks nice hanging and for one day when I butcher my own pig. (This is an actual day I plan)
    2. Kitchen devils carver. Soft and flexible steel can hold an excellent edge but not for long.
    3. Chefs knife 8” had it 20 years, can’t remember where from.
    4. Ikea 8” My workhorse, fucking good for what it is and better grip than other
    5. Sabatier 5” santoku from TK Maxx years ago, wanted to love it but can’t, seems too thick, missus seems to like it though.
    6. Stainless 4.5” almost a parer, I LOVE this knife. I use it for jointing chickens, boning, filleting, chopping etc. It’s light, agile and super sharp.
    7. 3.5” Parer. Gets used every day.
    8. As above

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  • That’s beautiful

  • Love this knife. Good to have in my pocket as open lots of boxes in my job and nice than just a using a Stanley.

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  • Really like, does that style have a name - been looking for something similar for the garden...

    Early birthday treated myself to first ever new secateurs having subsisted on my parents blunt hand-me-downs.

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  • Lovely - where from?

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Knife porn thread

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