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  • Sorry, bit of an open goal, I couldn't resist!

    ......aaand, new page fail.

  • Silky all day long. Don’t get a folder just get a 300mm Gomtaro and know you made the right choice :)

  • The authority has spoken. I am now somewhat more convinced than I was by a slightly plump survivalist. I might even buy a Silky when my Bahcos die, after all, it is tax-deductible.

  • Other half has the zubat I don’t play golf so only have a Bahco folding saw

  • Saw what you did there....

  • Silky all day long

  • I got hold of a decent lump of Rowan so made a small rough mallet with part of it, then used that to batton the next piece to carve a "rustic" spoon, my first attempt. It needs sanding smooth & oiling but overall I am happy with end result for both.

    Knife used was Mora Companion, I tried the Hultafors Craftsman on the long handle cuts for comparison but this defo needs sharpening.

    My partner has a Mora 163 for her Forest School stuff so making the bowl was a relatively easy & satisfying task.

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  • I'm after a new kitchen knife. The one I have currently is ancient and could probably do with retiring! I'd like something similar to replace it, nothing too fancy, something I can use every day without worrying too much about it. Ideally about 8" long. What sort of money should I realistically expect to spend to buy a knife that will last decades of daily use?

  • £50 will probably get you a decent Henckels.

  • his n hers chainsaws

    It's rather romantic though

  • This is my knife opinion, hence nothing more than that. Firstly I'm not sure that buying knives off the internet is a good idea. A knife that feels nicely balanced in your hand makes cooking a more pleasant experience. Think if buying from the internet you need to look at how different brands and models you have tried feel.

    But then I could be over thinking it, I do that alot. Also go through phase, have a chinese cash and carry meat cleaver that is brilliant when I'm in that mood. Had to buy 3 fat bottom woks the other day have gone back to the meat cleaver while I stir fry everything to get the woks to a good non stick. Bought a cheap sanktou and that is going back as the blade is pitted from corrosion. Friend bought a kiwi, kom kom and java recently:­l
    He is raving about these at the moment as they reminded him of travelling i thailand in his youth and are currently being raved about in some circles. They are cheap so no idea what they are like as I haven't seen or used them.

    EDIT @owl I do like my opinel, but suspect I am a fanboi so would recomend feeling how one fits your hand.

  • Also unicorn-brand!

  • Yep. Silky Zubat for my fixed saw work. I just buy the blade and stick some wood on the handle end. I use the plastic guard to keep it from cutting everything it comes into contact with. One day I’ll make a case for it.

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  • Nice work! I love making spoons. I always have one in progress and if I get a few moments whittle it into shape a bit more.

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  • They may not last decades but the Victorinox ones with the fibrox handle are very good for the price.

  • Plus one to the victorinox ones, have about 6 of them on the knife rack and they are great for the money, I use the Santoku for most things.

  • I got a Victorinox Classic Santoku with rosewood handle (so I'm not tempted to put it in the dishwasher!) a while back. It's really very good - very thin blade, light, easy to sharpen and nicely balanced.

  • Chinese cash and carry cleavers are excellent, as long as you get used to using them.

  • Thanks for the suggestions all. For some reason I didn't think about the way a knife would feel in my hand making that much difference, might just wait for this whole thing to blow over and try and get my hands on some different options! Where's likely to have a good selection to try out? Ideally South London but I can travel.

  • My voluntary conservation group has switched from bow saws to Silky Zubats.
    We still keep the old bowsaws in reasonable nick and replace (rusty) blades,
    and take a couple out on tasks with us, in case we get a better than expected turn out,
    or somebody wants to use a large bowsaw.
    Zubats are much better for differential coppicing,
    taking out overgrown hazel without cutting down all the growth.
    Just have to be careful, and adjust ones technique to get the benefit of the pull-stroke.

  • Dentons at Clapham North are likely to have a decent selection.

  • Go to the Japanese Knife Shop (not it's real name) in Pop Brixton. Take some readies.

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Knife porn thread

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