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  • Hultafors chisel knife

  • Not a gardener but wouldn't a decent pair of secateurs be better?

    Does it have to be folding?

  • I'm going to get a No.12 and see if I can mod it down to a No.8 or 9 but with a slightly bigger handle (and obvs a thicker blade).

    For the use case you've described secateurs would be better.

    Whatever you get stainless makes sense. My preference is a folder so you can put it in your pocket when doing other things. Also practically I reckon it's going to be easier to hang safely in the shed.

  • Victorinox make a good twin blade gardening knife, The Grafter, might be worth a look... I bought my dad a Victorinox Hunter a few years back as he's always out in the garden, he never uses it and it usually sits in my pocket when I'm out in Spain...

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  • Take a jaunt round the niwaki website, they’ll have something nice for you..

  • That is nice.

  • Dangerous place, much temptation...

  • I'm tempted myself but recently blew all my luxury spends on something else...

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  • Finally got around to buying a No.12 to mod and a Mora Companion just because I was sold on all that AstroTurfing back whenever it was. But just before ordering I noticed the Hultafors HVK Craftsman's Knife (carbon) was under a fiver, so just went for one of those. Tempted by the extra beefy version, but swayed back to the craftman as a few reviews said it was too thick plus it was more expensive.

    First impression of the No.12 are odd. It's fucking massive. Obviously. But in a larger size that slightly awkward Opinel handle shape that we all often reprofile is actually very comfortable. But overall it's a bit too big for me, so will stick to the plan of bringing it down to a No.9 size.

    Hultafors HVK is what you'd expect. Sheath is much bigger than expected. It was intended as general garden utility knife and TBH its confirmed my view that a folder is much better. If you garden for a job and have it on your belt all day long ymmv. But otherwise it's a faff.

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  • No.7 for comparison.

  • This is ticking all my boxes, what is it?

    Edit: Found it, nice but very pricey!!

  • Titanium scaled Pioneer.

    From a man in Moscow (decustomforge on Estsy/Instagram) it's a lovely thing.

    Aye he charges like a bull!

  • Looking more closely, they're modified Victorinox knives... I know the new scales are titanium (not sure about the pins) but the prices I've seen seem a little crazy for what is essentially a modded knife...

  • - falls into the nice but pricey category

    Edit: beaten to the punch

  • Modded pins too but agreed, essentially a crazy price for a modded knife.

    It is nice though. Very much nice but pricey.

  • Where did you buy from?

  • Keep looking at at a fillet and boning knife­ife-rrp-12-95­cal-31005

    Have ikea versions but think that these two would be better.

  • Nice.

    I chucked a Craftsman (black handle) into my Heinne basket to hit the free postage threshold a while back, not used it yet but it looks and feels lovely, and is paper slicing sharp.

    Be good to see your 12 once modded.

  • Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but none of those parts are forged.

  • You can get the pins separately - I've just bought two sets for a couple of custom SAKs I want to put together. I paid $31 for six, delivered. They seem very nicely made.

  • Knives and tools

  • Cheers.

    The HVK scales are a bit slippery so I was wondering about using a soldering iron to make some dots and tidy up with sand paper.

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Knife porn thread

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