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  • Oof. The blood stain on your blade says enough. Ouch.

  • Screwfix have a few en388 cut level 5 gloves which is what I'll be looking into, not sure how they stand up against other options but they sound very AD&D though.

  • I used to use them when I worked at Heathrow and had to put up razor wire on the airside/landside boundaries. Never got cut when using them.

  • To cut away with @root's tool (fnah) he would have to use his left hand as it appears to be sharp on one side only. That could prove hazardous in the wrong hand.

  • Sounds robust enough, ta for info.

  • I don't bother with gloves, found them too slippery. Never cut myself badly enough to need more than a plaster though.

    I think if you pay enough mind to how you're holding the piece and are familiar with the various knife grips and cuts it's a pretty low-risk activity. Certainly I've had far worse gashes from chisels when I haven't been paying enough attention.

  • Filleting gloves are available for the clumsy or suicidal, they are pretty much junior chain mail. If you are feeling unintentionally stabby, try a fishing tackle supplier.

  • Two bits of knife porn came my way this week. The farrier’s knife from Sheffield dates from around 1900 but is possibly even earlier, and will be my pocket knife for the foreseeable future. The Rockstead neck knife was something I saw a while back and I was impressed by its amazing edge. A bit of a treat really, but as I sold my car, and have no plans to buy another I treated myself using what I would have spent on a year’s insurance.

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  • Did the two hour sharpening class at the Japanese Knife Company this week. Complete newbs would benefit most from it, but I picked up some useful pointers on technique. Recommended.

  • I did a 2 hour sharpening class at Blenheim Forge this weekend.
    The 5 strong class was informative and guided me away from the erroneous way of sharpening, taught to me by my grandfather. Habits which are probably best dropped.
    There was no heat, fire, sparks or white hot bits of metal being forged with GBFO hydraulic hammers.
    As forges go, I disappoint deeply.

  • What's the technique to keep and what's to lose?

  • I'm told that the technique I was using on the waterstone, is what you'd ordinarily use when stropping - ie; alternate sides of the blade on each stroke.
    This achieves an edge which isn't exactly blunt, but is not as keen as it could be.
    It also has the effect of wearing a concave 'dish' into the stone.
    A stone which isn't flat, is not desirable.
    What I wasn't doing was building up a burr on the edge of the blade, and then honing it back.
    Every day is a school day.

  • I think if you pay enough mind to how you're holding the piece and are familiar with the various knife grips and cuts it's a pretty low-risk activity.

    Still not invested in gloves, hoping this holds true.

  • Got a couple more budget folders from Heinne recently, the Antonini Old Bear is very similar to my Opinels.

    The Imperial "Sodbuster" is uk friendly and out the box.

    The HH catalogue has a near £1700 folder in it:­zdp

    How much more useful can that be than these two?

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  • What's the difference between an OTP Specialised hybrid commuter and a custom aero race bike with deep rims and aggressive geo that fits you like a glove?

    Better quality finish, better metal. Holds it's sharpness longer. Easier to grind. Better components. Hand crafted. Limited numbers. Better presentation. Better customer care. And the list goes on

    But for what you want to do with it, probably not much...

  • How do you sharpen an OTP hybrid commuter?

  • That's why I asked how much more useful, not how much better. The other rockstead knives on HH all look amazing too.

  • By my estimates, 87% less useful.

    Who the fuck is ever going have a £1,6k knife on them? Let alone use it?

    It's going to be used to cut string twice a year when you happen to be in the same room as the draw it's kept in.

    Like most things Japanese you're paying for their high cost of living multiplied by Western fetishization of the Orient.

  • Still if I was Bezos rich, I'd get one and stick it in an onion.

  • Like everything, what's the curve look like?

    What's the upper end of a beater knife for you? £50? £500? £5000?

    Cause lets be honest, a knife will be a beater. You abuse it... Bash it about... Unless its £1500, then its an object of beauty to be admired and drooled over rather than a knife.

  • And do ppl still buy expensive knives with the current carry laws being enforced ? Is it worth it???

  • A water stone will dish whatever technique you use. I flatten mine on a granite worktop with a sheet of wet&dry every couple of uses. They get out of flat pretty quickly.

  • The sodbuster is a great budget EDC knife. I had one till I lost it. Replaced with a Boker Tech Tool city, which I also lost. I replaced that like for like. I'm still convinced the Tech Tool is in the house somewhere.

  • I've got a stunning horn handled proper Laguiole my godfather gave me.

    Lives, unused, in a draw in my parents place in France next to an Opinel No. 8, it's just too nice. The Opinel, along with a mini tape measure, almost always go straight into my pocket when I stay.

    Although in fairness the extra weight and long shape of the Laguiole is a factor too.

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Knife porn thread

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